Friday, June 18, 2010

Burberry Shearling...major coat envy

As you all may already know, coats are my absolute
favourite pieces of clothing, and even though I love those in my wardrobe, they pale in comparison to those of my sisters, especially my sister E. After 6 years in London, I am ecstatic that she has moved back, so that I finally have a sister living in the same country (not in same city, but a quick flight can fix that). She recently came to visit her little niece, and brought with her some of her favourite coats. This Burberry shearling was too gorgeous for me not to snap some shots of it, although E was not terribly comfortable with me 'paparazzing' her during our outing:

Burberry shearling coat (the leather is so so soft, and the shearling lining...heavenly!)
Burberry wool scarf
Mimosa Dip dye silk tunic blouse
Burberry necklace
Diesel jeans
Burberry Prorsum degrade Lowry bag (we must swap bags sometime...)

Chanel sunglasses
Diva pink rose ring
Mascaro riding boots


  1. Chic sister, and you all come from such a beautiful gene pool :)

  2. you have a talent in photographic and you took such a beautiful and natural pictures of your sister.

  3. i have a slight addiction for coats too.. what a fashionable family!.. and can i say.. i LOVE the fact she's wearing a diva ring! :)

  4. ahhhhh!!! Naughty sister wasn't supposed to post these.. very embarassed!! My first post on the brigadeiro blog. yes I have a talented sister who takes papparazzi photos. ;)

  5. The sense of style must run in the family! :) Love the texture of that coat. xx

  6. ^^ coat are my addiction too*** Lovef this one and the purse as well

  7. I am a coat freak too. I must have about 25 of them piled into a little closet . . . including an awesome shearling that I bought this Winter. Love hers too. It's the beginning of summer here, so I have to say that I am glad I am not wearing coats at the moment! Summer is my fave season.

  8. the coat is amazing!!! and it looks to be so warm. it must be great having her live close to you again, i don't know what i would do if my sister moved away from me.

    hope you and your little baby are well!