Sunday, June 6, 2010

Resort 2011 Pt 2:: Zero+Maria Cornejo, Michael Kors, Donna Karan & Christian Dior

Zero + Maria Cornejo

This is one of my favourite collections shown for Resort 2011 so far. I have long admired Maria Cornejo's work, and she did not disappoint once again, with beautifully cut, simple & wearable, highly desirable designs:

Michael Kors

I do not usually find Michael Kors' designs terribly exciting, I quite liked the casual elegance for Resort 2011:

Donna Karan

Donna Karan never disappoints with her beautiful & languid designs, loved it!

Christian Dior

Even though I felt like I was looking at a Moschino collection for Malibu Barbie, I loved this fun & candy coloured collection:

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  1. It's all too fast!!! Information overload. I remember when you didn't see resort and prefall collections, unless you were on the boutiques mailing list. I wish these things wouldn't be publicly released until their actual seasons.

    I'm pretty impressed by some of the pieces at Zero. I like those "lava" prints.
    I think Kors strength is in resort collections. Luxe basics, and I think he's a man that knows his customer very well. Donna is wonderful at draping, and doesn't Dior USUALLY look like Malibu Marlene Dietrich Barbie? lol!

  2. Love love the Donna pieces in particular.

    Demanding Anon x

  3. Wow, all beautiful collections! My personal favorite has to be Donna Karan! xooxoxoo

  4. I love that second Zero outfit! Also, all of the Donna Karan collection is beautiful, as usual.

  5. I hope everything went well, they are fine and your very happy!
    The most interesting collection lines for day to day we show is that of Maria Cornejo, fantastic, simple and timeless...
    Muchas felicidades para la familia, besos

  6. i always liked Zero + Maria Cornejo, here feels some new, HL vibe, especially in jackets... i like it.