Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ah, Giovanna! Pt 1 - Colour

Apologies once again for the lack of posts, I keep daydreaming that I will be able to do an outfit post sometime, and just when I think I can...I sort of...can't. Caring for a constantly overtired newborn does not allow for much dressing up, let alone being able to photograph myself when I do get the chance. I am hoping that this will change soon. Can you believe it, she is 12 weeks today!

So instead, I thought I would share pictures of my favourite fashion editor, Giovanna Battaglia. 'Favourite' because her effortless style does not scream one designer, or a repetitive 'look'. Unafraid of using colour (which many fashion editors appear to be), she always looks effortlessly 'put together' whilst never compromising her personality, femininity or style. She also wears an item several times in different ways, which I love to see...

Part 1 - Colour

I love the simplicity of this outfit made beautiful by the glorious yellow colour of Giovanna's pants, and the floral scarf.

Another beautiful use of colour, with a striking clutch designed by her sister Sara Battaglia.

Feminine polkadot dress with a men's watch, brilliant!

It probably does not hurt that she has a killer figure...she used to be a runway model, love the subtle draping on this figure hugging dress.

Simple & elegant...


  1. amazing style!


  2. She is the epitome of style:-)
    There is a Brazillian lady who is also the Sartorialist's muse, but can't remember her name...!
    Shu xx

  3. You've posted about one of my favorite style wonders of the world. Love her look every single time.

  4. She styled one of my favorite editorials, this was years before the time of street style, so I had no clue who she was. But it makes sense to me now that when I know who these people behind the scenes are I would like their style too!
    I actually use pictures of Gio when I go to get my hair cut. It's hard to find people that embrace having curly hair!

  5. Hungry Female - Shu, I think you may be referring to Barbara Martelo? She's Fashion Editor for Vogue Spain, has long wavy black hair, minimal makeup, skinny pants/jeans and wears a lot of black (often in Balmain jackets)...

    Pret a Porter P - I agree, Gio's work is as amazing as her style...I also love Yasmin Sewell's style, and she has wavy hair too ;)


  6. I love her very feminine and colourful style. The coral draped dress is gorgeous !

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo4xdAENPU4