Friday, July 30, 2010

Ah, Giovanna! Pt 4 - Beige is NOT Boring

Neutral colours are fabulous to wear with bold accessories, and lends itself to beautiful cuts and textures...

How cute are those sunglasses? Coral and beige/camel, great colour combination I had not thought of.

Love those Margiela boots!

Gorgeous texture, love the clutch!

Not a fan of animal print personally for myself, but Giovanna somehow pulls off double-animal-printing...

Flirty and feminine, again teamed with a coral/pink accessory


Geometric print on the cut of this coat.

Not beige, but a gorgeous soft blush...

Cream-coloured dress, I know, not beige...

How does one wear those incredible Louis Vuitton shoes without looking over-the-top? Giovanna knows how...

Love this outfit as it reminds me of one of my favourites that I love wearing (unfortunately I cannot fit into it at the moment). Beige is perfect for wearing with prints, these peep-toe booties funk up this outfit perfectly.

I love trench-dresses, wish I could fit back into mine!


  1. she is amazing woman....I love her style

  2. wow love these shots there are all awesome in way..thanks

  3. these was awesome those gorgeous people

  4. stunning. she never has a misstep

    hope you are well!

  5. LOVE the shoes in the pic with the coral pink necklace.

    Gorgeous effortless style. Pity about the cigarette in the LV shoe pic

  6. She's such a style icon, great great great sense of style :)
    How ARE you by the way? Seems ages since I last visited! Everything ok with the little girl :)?

  7. Hola preciosa,
    He alucinado con estas nuevas publicaciones, son más que inspiradoras, me fascinan todas ellas en su individualidad y el estilo de cada una. Tomaré nota para seguir inspirándome.
    Espero que el peque esté bien, un beso enorme