Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ah, Giovanna! Pt 2 - Black & Blue

Love this coat-dress, I still have not had the chance to use my David Szeto navy coat dress, must start exercising...

And 'they' say that black & navy should not be worn together...

Black with prints - freshens a look up even in Winter

Also beautifully brightened and tied in with accessories...


A beautifully-cut coat and striking accessories, love it!

Giovanna's summery take on a mostly-black palette...


  1. She is what I would like to be when I grow up!!!

  2. omg those wedges are amazing! great post. come follow me xoxo

  3. Beautiful collection of photos of this super stylish woman...I never wear navy and back. Maybe someday when I am cool as her, I will:)

  4. You've got to wear that coat dress! It's too beautiful to just be hanging in a closet!!!!
    I love the combination of black and blue together. And Gio's last coat is especially fantastic.

  5. She always looks so effortless stylish...loving the one-shoulder ruffle dress (maybe a Valentino).

  6. lusting the combinations of navy blue and black! ps. those shoes.. a m a z i n g