Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cheap thrills - Glassons Merino tops $29.99 TODAY only

I was actually going to share about these today anyway, and lo and behold, I got an email saying that these merino tops are only $29.99 for one day only (which sped up my post from tonight to this morning).  I recently purchased 6 of these merino tops from Glassons and was amazed at the softness, warmth and comfort of these tops, and at such an unbelievable price (this is not a sponsored post btw, I was just genuinely amazed)! Made from 100% New Zealand merino wool, I bought these as basics/staples for my wardrobe (especially with the weather heading towards Winter), and I think I might stock up on more today to use as PJ's (so cheap, why not?).  I had heard about these for years, but couldn't believe they could be good for the price of a 'cheap' t-shirt...but they are! And free shipping too! 5 of the 6 tops I bought were too big so I've sent them back to exchange for a smaller size. I have only just popped one in my washing basket, so have yet to see how the pull up after a wash, but I have read good things about that too.

Ok, am off to get some more black l/s crew neck tops...

Sorry to any international readers, just noticed it's for NZ and AUS shoppers only.


  1. Wow this is a good deal.

    How is the sizing?

    1. Hi K! I find them TTS, and ordered a size 10 (the 12's ok on the body but too lose on the sleeves). HTH!

  2. You always have the best info on deals! This is so perfect for me. I've been searching for some merino tops since we are heading to Japan in winter! You're the best!

    xx Mandi
    Find Me A Muse

  3. Thanks so much for sharing - I bought two last week and I haven't stopped wearing them! The shipping to me in Perth was super quick too!