Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Speaking of packing, Louis Vuitton teaches us 'THE Art of Packing' - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Not quite helping me with what to pack into my suitcase, but rather, how to pack them in my suitcase, Louis Vuitton recently released a series titled 'The Art of Packing', with many helpful hints (although the actual 'tips' flash on the screen so crazy fast on the website)! Some of them I've used before (I layer my pieces on top of another before folding them, but there is lots to learn:

pics via park & cube 
(can be viewed larger when clicked on)

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1. Place heaviest items towards the bottom of the suitcase (e.g. 2-3 pairs of shoes can be placed in each corner)
2. Central area is great for accessories (e.g. travel guides and toiletries bag) - I am actually planning on bringing the Jiffy Esteam, a travel steamer I recently bought (I absolutely abhor ironing). Just because my usual 'wrinkled look' may look out of place during Haute Couture week...
3. Lay delicate items like shirts and dresses
4. Fold and roll t-shirts
5. Fold a suit carefully and put in the separate compartment
6. Roll belts or place them along the exterior wall, with buckle facing outwards
7. Place on top delicate items such as sunglasses and jewellery
8. Jeans are simply rolled from bottom up
9. Knits & tees, fold and roll to save space


  1. Love the blue bag!

  2. This is an amazing series - especially the instructions about how to fold certain garments.
    My mum and my boyrfriend's parents are all about to go to Europe (not together). I will definitely send this post to them... :)

  3. Brilliant! I blogged the first(?) Art of Packing by LV some time ago and I love love love Park & Cube. I'm procrastinating in the office right now and going step by step folding in my head lol.

    K xx

    Royal Fuchsia Kohl
    The Past and Pending

  4. I'm a huge fan of packing cells - Although this is great for the cells - ways of folding always help reduce crinkled clothes!
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  5. loving all the flat lay photography.
    this guide is coming in handy as i'm off travelling in a few days!



  6. I bookmarked Park and Cube when she was posted this feature and it was so nice to see it again when you posted. Naturally I am dying to upgrade my current luggage to some serious LV but I am so harsh on them that it doesn't make a lot of sense just yet