Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I'm wearing today: Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers, Balenciaga Extra Courier bag & Nautical stripes

My day-to-day outfits are pretty much a variation on a theme:

Usual 'uniform' = Top/Tee/Knit/Button-down shirt (usually striped) + casual pants (jeans/tailored joggers/harem) + comfy shoes (sneakers, low-heeled boots) + bag slung across the body (need two hands when you have two kids, although four would be nice) + jacket (if required)

OOTD 16.5.13
Velvet by Graham Spencer striped top (available here and here - both currently offering free shipping, for Matches Fashion enter MAYFREE at checkout)
Rag & Bone 'The Dre' jeans in Wells (mine have stretched and I so wish I could find another one in a smaller size! I really like the wash on these jeans!) (available in different washes herehere and here)
Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers in Taupe (available here, and in craie here)
Balenciaga Extra Courier bag (aka my 'baby/nappy bag - which is really a men's travel bag, yeah, it's huge) (available in cobalt here) - I use it practically every day (remember when I posted about it here? Occasionally I use it's slightly smaller version, Courier bag, in Anthracite)


  1. You're good @ those down pictures, I can never master them. The striped sweater looks good on you. I'm also a fan of that oak shirt dress you have.

    I know jeans stretch a little, but then shrink back down when washed, but I've had pairs that became 2 sizes too big during wear. I wish I had more opportunity to use my crossbody bag, but lately it's easier to carry around a big tote bag.

    1. Haha, I thought I was terrible at them (down pictures)! But I figured the days of using a tripod and such are over, and using the iPhone was so much easier (after trying it last time), better than nothing...

      Pre-babies I hardly used crossbody bags, its use was born out of necessity really...


  2. No i agree, you master those images! I really don't know why got a darn tripod because I barely use it myself.

    Must think on that uniform question. Use to really just be a white tee and boyfriend jeans with a satchel. But I feel too boring in my own skin these days. Gotta spice it up. I do know my pink 80s blazer finds its way on my back everyday. And the search for a crossbody is no success for me yet...