Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Kid on the Block - Fatima Mendes Online Store

As you all may know, I am an avid online shopper. Every so often I discover new stores, by trying to find a particular item or designer.  I was uber excited to find  Fátima Mendes' online store, and just had to share it with you all.  Even though the physical store has already been around for 30 years, and boasts six branches in Portugal, it is only recently that Fátima Mendes launched her presence on the 'world wide web'.

What do I like about this online store?  It isn't just that labels like Céline, Chloé, Christian Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Lanvin, Gucci, Givenchy, are stocked.  What I got very excited about was the fact that it has everything for everyone, for myself (miss), Mr Brigs (mister), Lil J #1 (little girl) and Lil J #2 (little boy).  And that it currently offers free international shipping (you all know how I feel about free shipping!)

I wouldn't mind any of the pieces from the store's gorgeous magazine-style editorial:

Went 'window' shopping for the whole family:

Gucci coat - how absolutely stunning in this?!?


Lanvin blazer - hot!

Little Girl

Left to right: Dolce & Gabbana striped skirt (too cute! 'excuse me, do you have this in my size?), American Outfitters foulard, Stella McCartney bomber (to match 'mommy'), Gucci floral sneakers

Little Boy

Gucci 'mum' handbag, Stella McCartney Tiger Intarsia sweater, Stella McCartney sneakers, Gucci hat (even though I'm not one for logos, how cute is this? there's a pink one for Lil J#1 too!) 

They even have a really cool 'movie' for their web launch:

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