Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Japan: Hakone - Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Kaiseki dinners

Now that all the Fashion Week(s) for Autumn/Winter 2010 are finally over, thought I would share some more pics of my recent trip to Japan, in particular, of Hakone. Hakone is 100km away from Tokyo, and is one of the most popular onsen spots of Japan, near Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi. I absolutely loved Hotel Green Plaza, which I highly recommend, with its stunning view of Mt Fuji from my balcony and onsen (outdoor hot spring bath). If you are visiting Tokyo and have enough time to make a day trip (or preferably, are able to stay a night or two) to Hakone, I highly recommend doing so...

Mt Fuji view from my balcony - breathtaking (unfortunately pictures do not do it justice, it was incredibly majestic)

We stayed in a 'Japanese style room', where at night they move this table to the other 'room' to lay out your futon bed (so comfortable!)

The hotel also provides Yukata kimonos, vests & slippers so you can lounge around comfortably around the hotel as well as to and from the onsen.

These gardens must look spectacular in Springtime

If in Hakone, I highly recommend getting a Hakone Free Pass, which allows you to travel by cable car (as pictured above), boat (pictured below), train and local buses; definitely cost-effective.

The boat ride on the 'pirate ship' on Lake Ashi was an incredibly fun & beautiful experience, especially when seeing Mt Fuji from the lake.

My sister looked so cute in her outfit, I could not help but snap a pic, she is wearing:
Burberry tweed coat with bell sleevees
Burberry alpaca scarf
H&M hat (I think)
Burberry Beaton black quilted bag
Black leather riding boots (I forget by whom)
My Chanel sunglasses (I thought it went with her outfit)
Country Road ivory leather elbow-length gloves I gave her one year for her birthday

The Hakone Open Air museum was worth a visit (the wonderful weather definitely made the experience even more enjoyable)

The incredible stained glass in the 'lighthouse'

Loved all the colours...

Burberry Prorsum silk/wool quilted military coat
Akira silk/wool dress
Chloe flat buckle boots
Chloe 'Ava' bag in Mocha
Chanel sunglasses
SABA merino wool turtleneck (not shown) & Falke merino wool tights

Inside the cool wooden 'structure' above you will find:

This was an incredibly fun and beautiful part of the Museum, where children and adults alike had a blast...

Too cute for words

The highlight of my trip were the two Kaiseki dinners I had at the hotel, the beautifully presented dishes (almost too numerous) drew a sigh from me each and every time, shame I could not read the Japanese menu to know exactly what I was eating...

The attention to detail is incredible...cute Japanese paper under the little bowl on a carved tiny wooden tray.

This beautiful paper was wet and placed over a green ceramic square bowl, such a simple idea with a stunning effect...

I could seriously live in sashimi - love it!

There was a tasty and beautiful morsel in that cute ceramic 'container'

Every dish was a work of art...

These were beans!

Sake Ice Cream! It did not taste like Sake, but was so refreshing, light and absolutely delightful...


  1. Mt Fuji looks amazing - have you been to Halong Bay in Vietnam ? similar kind of majestic and mystical place. Love your Burberry coats (you and your Sis)The food looks amazing - I especially love that little blue porcelain container. C

  2. Brigadeiro, these pics are gorgeous, and thank you for sharing them. I went to Tokyo around the same time that you did, and did that same architecture walk (taking in Laforet, Prada, etc.) but didn't take any photos. Would you mind if I direct my blog readers to look at yours?

  3. Now if there's something I love more than fashion, it's possibly food:-)
    I need your camera!
    Shu xx

  4. I have always wanted to see Mount Fuji, especially since it appears in so many Japanese etchings. I remember being told that the style of Japanese etchings was actually not a style, it was just the way nature is in Japan. Your pictures tend to suggest this!

    <a href="></a>

  5. This is making me excited for my upcoming trip!

  6. So many beautiful photos: from you, your sister and the nature!

    Your sister truly looks like you! Love her Burberry coat with the cute sleeves!

    Have a sunshiney day ahead!

  7. These photos are amazing! I'm so envious! if you get a chance, check out my blog at Thank you :)

  8. I cannot believe your Mt Fuji view...just amazing!!! :)

  9. Oh wow, what views! Sounds like it was an amazing trip indeed, dear! And those colorful swings (or whatever they were exactly) in the museum look like such fun, I love, love, love swinging! :D


  10. Take me there! Wow.

    And food presented in pretty packages on lovely paper...I have to eat soon and after seeing this it will be very disappointing!

  11. Everything looks so calm and peaceful, but mostly just bloody cool.
    great pics

  12. Beautiful food and breathtaking landscape... You and ur sis look so very fashionable.


  13. Hello brigs
    I love you and your sisters' outfits. Especially the Burberry coats.

    I am so wanting to go to Japan now.

    SSG xxx

  14. The food looks just as beautiful as Mt. Fuji! Wonderful pictures.

  15. The food is a work of art! Thanks for sharing your travels.

  16. Both of you guys look great and the food is so yummy :-)
    xoxo Nini

  17. Gorgeous pics as always Brig. Food looks devine and I love the outfits. :)


  18. The dishes are works of art ! The colours are beautiful and everything is so refined.
    You and your sister look so cute together, you really look alike.
    I love her bell hat.

  19. Those dishes really are works of art and you and your sister are both so cute and stylish. Love it!

  20. Ah, your post about Hakone makes me miss it so much, and your food pictures just made my stomach growl! If you love onsen, I definitely recommend going to Hokkaido.. there are different types of onsen that you can try, each with different theraputic effects..

  21. I am taking notes for my trip to Japan in the summer! Although I fear this post will cause me to blow my budget entirely - now I need to go and stay at this place! Do you think I'll get a good view of Mount Fuji in July?


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  23. I had heard great things about Fuji Mountain, so I was pretty excited to finally be able to go sightseeing.