Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 Pt 6: Celine, Stella McCartney, Hussein Chalayan, YSL, AF Vandevorst & Chloe- Simply beautiful

There was plenty of sharp tailoring, beautiful clean lines & palettes at Paris Fashion Week:


"Strong. Powerful. Reduced." (Phoebe Philo)

The outerwear was amazing...It may come as no surprise to you all that I love the coat in the 5th picture (as well as the first coat)...Beautiful separates as well:

Stella McCartney

Quite a departure from the frilly flamboyant SS'10 collection, Stella offered simple, beautifully tailored clothes with a subdued palette:

Hussein Chalayan

Loved the oversized blazers:

Yves Saint Laurent

I am afraid I was not a huge fan of this collection, although some ensembles caught my eye:

AF Vandevorst

Beautiful draping & construction...


Hannah MacGibbon's collection had a 70's vibe to it, with high-waisted pants that reminded me of Charlie's Angels (admittedly, I have been watching a few reruns on TV recently...). The close-up pictures seem to do these pieces more justice, so I had to include them from The Cherry Blossom Girl's blog, as one can almost feel the lush fabrics. Also, seeing it in motion with Garance's brilliant video is a must:

all pics from (and close-up photos of Chloe show from


  1. I love the Celine collection. Especially the last four outfits. I adore the AF Vandevorst collection as well. Have to agree with you on Chloe's whole 70's, Charlies Angels-esque style. At least it wasn't imitating the bad/disco style of the 70s.

  2. I am thinking the same thing at Passport Smiles, Chloe strikes me as very 70s. Not just this collection but previous ones too.

    Beautiful outwear at Celine, SM, and HC. AF is beautiful of course too.

    For YSL, Stefano is always so dark. His first collection for YSL was so colorful. But it's always a lot of black clothes to me. I thought one of the things Saint Laurent was known for was for his color combinations.

  3. Stella McCartney's clothes are, oddly enough, rather alluring! I really like the YSL clothes: they are dark but not quite goth yes (unlike others!).

    I do find Chloé's collection disturbingly 1970s - a period I probably would like to forget about. Even the hairstyle is very Charlie's Angels... Not sure this is for the best!

    The Hussein Chalayan blazers remind me more of the 1980s when Japanese tourists would flock into Chanel and buy suits two or three size too big (the men would buy their 'oversized' items from Lanvin). It definitely has some charm. I have my own oversized suit, which I wear from time to time.

    I always wondered, did you style yourself for this series? r did someone style you all? I am not sure everyone looks as comfortable (and fabulous) in their clothes as you do. I trust you have seen the picture of your good self on

  4. davidikus - love reading your comments! Although your last phrase puzzled me, and am wondering if you have me confused with someone else? I say that as I am pretty sure I am afraid I am not on yvan's blog *blush*. However, I do style myself on my blog, if that is what you were asking :)


  5. I love them all but the best one for me was Yves Saint Laurent. VERY FIERCE!

  6. B! The coats! The architecture. I am in love with Celine! and Hussein. and Chloe. Great post.