Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010: Pt 5 - Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin & Chanel - The French Heavyweights


Although the clothes at Balenciaga's latest collections did not grab my attention, the shoes certainly did, reminding me of one of my favourite Brazilian accessories designers, Sobral, with the gorgeous layered vibrant colours (I hugely regret not purchasing a pair of candlesticks when I was last in Brazil):


For amazing behind-the-scenes pics of this amazing show, complete with detailed shots of stunning garments, see gorgeous Nathalie's blog 'I Have Spread My Dreams Under Your Feet' . There were several pieces to Alber Elbaz's collections that made me furrow my brow, but most were so exquisitely beautiful:


Although I certainly will not be wearing the 'Chewbacca' furry boots & pants anytime soon, there were many gorgeous pieces at Karl Lagerfeld's AW'10 collection for Chanel:


It may just be me, but I feel like the past few seasons of Balmain always have a huge sense of 'deja vu', this time with a touch of Baroque 'n' roll. I do love the cuts on some of these blazers though:

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  1. It's an interesting idea to compare all the French heavyweights at Paris Fashion Week, although Dior, perhaps Givenchy, and arguably Céline and Chloë would probably have qualified too. it shows how diverse their work really is. Balenciaga's shoes for this season are great - some are really like sculptures. (Incidentally, I was amazed by the great designs I saw in Rio - I am planning to go for the next fashion week). The dresses are very good too. Some look very "Cristobal Balenciaga", some look very "Nicolas Ghesquière" - I would most certainly love to see women wearing them. Lanvin & Chanel are very good too, as always!
    Balmain is a very different case: I woudl not say it is a case of déjà vu. It rather feels as if they are going through a transition phase, from the very American designs of Oscar de la Renta, to what Balmain will be in a year or two. The fashion is becoming more French, more Parisian, yet retains a strong international appeal. It's very positive to see differences between the fashion week again, after a few years where it was really similar everywhere. More originality is welcome!

  2. I really loved Lanvin! Beautiful collection!

  3. omh!!these shoes are amazing!!
    i love them

  4. Love the asymmetric dresses at Lanvin, all the gold at Balmain, and the shoes at Balenciaga!

    Gorgeous post, darling!


  5. I really like those architectural towers of shoes at Balenciaga. The pants in the second to last shot look interesting too. Lanvin is just stunning. Balmain is also quite incredible.

  6. Those Balenciaga shoes are in amazing- I love the heels. SO COOL :)

  7. Wooow to these Balenciaga heels.
    They look truly eyecatching.
    Loved already the brands SS10 heels ...
    until I realized the price tag ;)

    Have a beautiful day ahead filled with lots of sunshiney moments

  8. o.m.g! The Balenciaga shoes are killer! x

  9. I'm luv'ing the heels not so much the shoe itself from Balenciaga, Chanel was just lovely and Balmain it is the sequel that won't quit!

  10. the balenciaga shoes were UNBELIEVABLE. i seriously died when i saw them. i love getting surprised by new shapes and forms that i've never seen before.

    i loved lanvin as well, it's just so beautiful.

    chanel again was so hit and miss for me! the red and black dress is really cut, and the ruffled silk is gorgeous but the rest is a bit too wooly mammoth for me. but karl puts on a show though! i give him that :)



    chanel is classic but too boring for the visual eye.


  12. Hmm Chanel actually was a disappointment for me; there was nothing there that I liked, just a mish-mash of tweed slapped onto a bunch of crazy. Balenciaga though really blew me away with those shoes! They are pieces of art!

  13. Hey there- I featured this on my Friday Faves post:

    Happy weekend! :)