Friday, March 26, 2010

Recent Buys: Chloe(s), Phi, Balenciaga & Alpha60


I finally got my hands on the grey version (pic HERE) of the Chloe sweatshirt dress below. I already had the hoodie jacket version, as I could not find the dress, but at last! After a long long search, the sweatshirt dress is finally mine! I have always been a fan of grey marle, and that combined with the off-shoulder silhouette and silk flower appliques set my heart aflutter... - click to enlarge

More Chloe

I usually favour Phoebe Philo & Stella McCartney Chloe pieces - but when I spotted this silk jumpsuit by Hannah McGibbon on the runway, I fell in love...Of course, at the moment I look like a circus clown in it, so may have to wait a few months to actually wear it. Wonder how it will look in Winter time... - click to enlarge


I have already used this silk vest so many times, love its versatility (and can you believe I can button it up with a 9-month pregnant belly, with room to spare?) and ease of use, just throw it over whatever I am wearing, and it can hide a multitude of sins...The mesh panels give it a sportswear edge, but the silk lapels and body also make it quite dressy if required, so I get the best of both worlds:


Another long search that paid off...the Balenciaga cork sandals in black leather:


Another item I have been wanting for ages (this one for well over a year), from Australian label Alpha 60, these wool pleated scarves are so versatile, I hope to wear them over so many outfits in a 100 different ways...Last weekend I could not decide between the grey wool scarf (with faint blue through it) or the softer shiny black scarf, but in the end, opted for both in the wool version, as it has more structure to it, making them more of a 'statement' piece:


  1. oh that chloe jumpsuit! MY GOODNESS! unbelievable!

    i wish i got that phi vest when i saw it on sale from the outnet, it's divine.


  2. great purchases! bet it all looks lovely on :) hope all is going well with you and your little brigadeiro-ette or whichever it may be!


  3. Fabulous new buys! I love the scarf...very cool.

  4. wonderful! i love it all!

  5. I've always liked those Balenciaga cork sandals, especially in white, even though they were/are so overexposed. That phi vest looks so cool.

  6. That jumpsuit is gorgeous and blissfully UN-jumpsuit like (if that makes any sense :P)

    Lusty xx00

  7. Peekaboo to yooouuuu ;)

    You always know how to pick some amazing designer pieces and collect
    them like little treasures!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead, Brigadeiro!
    (And thanks for always leaving your sweet comments!)
    All the very very best to youuuu!!!

  8. LOVE that first chloe photo! and anything balenciaga is amazing...

  9. B!!!

    Que legal te ver e estar de volta à normalidade!! Obrigada pelo seu carinho lá no blog e ainda sobre o 'headphones para orelha' não sabia que se chamava Earmuffs até vc dizer, é demais! Passei tanto frio na orelha ano passado em NY, que este ano em Londres tive que tomar uma atitude e é super fofo, after all!

    Mil beijos querida!!

  10. I love Phi and Balenciaga...and your blog !!

  11. Gorgeous!

    Just stumbled by & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  12. it's so fun to read your posts because of how obvious clothes excite and inspire you! i'm in my search phases right now for some items . . . hopefully i'll have luck as good as yours!

  13. aaaah love love love
    great posts :)
    love your blog too
    stop by some time xx

  14. I remember the Chloe advertising, i love that sweatshirt dress !

  15. wonderful purchases!! everything looks so beautiful!

  16. Alpha60! OMG! You're the first person I've met/saw/blog about this brand! What fantastic purchases! I found you via PurseForum and will be following your wonderful purchases/finds.

    btw-congrats to yourself and your hubby for the prestigious award!!!

  17. I absolutely adoree Chloé! ADORE!!!

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