Thursday, March 4, 2010

Milan Fashion Autumn/Winter 2010 Pt 3: Aquilano.Rimondi, Maurizio Pecoraro, Gabriele Colangelo


I have been eagerly waiting to see what Aquilano.Rimondi would be showing next, since their Milan FW SS'10 collection, which I absolutely adored. The duo did not forsake the embellished look that's become their signature, but adapted it to stay current, as wearable daywear. The palette was soft: dusty pink, gray-blue, violet, peachy ivory (nudes were quite prevalent at Milan Fashion Week AW'10). They paired snug cabled cashmere sweaters with be-feathered pencil skirts or low-slung handmade tweed trousers. They frayed the edges of their tweed skirtsuits and coats and studded the shoulders with smatterings of crystals. The effect was still rich, but a much more subtle than last season, including a pair of gorgeous nude wool crepe sheaths, elegantly unadorned but for a floppy bow at the hip or neckline. Mostly, the silhouette was close to the body and ultra-streamlined.

Maurizio Pecoraro

Maurizio Pecoraro also had the dusty pales seemed to be the theme on the Fall runways. Lush fabrics and beautiful tailoring was also on show:

Gabriele Colangelo

Gabriele Colangelo is a relative newcomer, who debuted in February 2008, and whose first passion is fabric, focusing his attention on it as well as on new techniques. His AW'10 collection had a coolly elegant color palette of grays, beiges, and icy whites, and provided a starting point for his deeply tactile materials, which were inspired by an idea of erosion and rocks. Among them: the richly textured, fissured wool he used for the opening leather-belted wrap coat; the chiffon trapped between double layers of organza that became a softly draped shift; and the charcoal flannel he twisted and tucked to evoke swirls of marble on an otherwise simple dress. Loved the outerwear once again, as well as his entire collection, and will definitely be keeping an eye on his work to come.

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  1. FABULOUS inspiration
    thanks for sharing as always
    love your blog, keep it up


  2. Gabriele Colangelo looks promising. I like the side ombre on some of the pieces.

  3. Dear B
    You know how we can ask you things - can I ask you a thing? When can we see your interior design post?
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  4. Very great pics, adore the Gabriele Colangelo and Maurizio Pecoraro <3! Cute blog u got , will follow u :D

  5. nice work by mauricio pecoraro and gabriele colangelo
    great photos

  6. New post about our beautiful town, Bordeaux.

    Come and see !
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    Olivia and Mariam.

  7. Love the first collection the most. I'm totally into nudes and neutral colors!

  8. I like Gabriele Colangelo very much !
    The last 2 outfits worn by the very blonde model are beautiful !

  9. love all these pieces!


  10. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Dear demanding anon (haha!) - oh dear, I am so sorry I have not done my 'interior design post' yet. I had actually drafted one around September last year, and it has been sitting in my 'draft' box, because I did not like the pictures I took, my sitting room has changed somewhat since then, and the rest of my house is in shambles (trying to make room for baby furniture/stuff), but I will try to take some pics this week ;)

    Sorry I keep procrastinating in responding to your request!

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  12. i love this show. good blog