Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burberry Prorsum...major coat envy Pt 2 - and Recent Buy: Richard Nicoll

My sister E recently came to visit, and left this stunning Burberry Prorsum (that I have drooled over for years) for me to 'babysit' until she comes back next week for our cousin's wedding. My pictures fail to capture the beauty of this coat...the texture and sheen on it is amazing.

I am incredibly tempted to take it out for a spin with my Richard Nicoll silk dress I recently purchased:

except mine is in this kingfisher blue colour (oh, and the necklace is not part of the dress)...

Apologies for the lack of little one seems to be extra difficult lately due to teething (although it will probably be months until the tooth actually appears...). Any tips on how to deal with the fussiness/reduced appetite/increasing night wakenings/etc. are most welcome! I have tried teething gel & powder, baby panadol, teething toy (she doesn't take to it), cold damp towel, rubbing a clean finger on her gums, and more...*sigh*


  1. ohhh i love that richard nicoll dress, i remember it they had it in lands end and I contemplated buying it... oh so jealous you'll look fab in it!

    sorry i can't help with the bubba! hope everything is alright though.


  2. Beautiful coat. You and your sisters have the most fabulous collection of Burberry! That new dress looks beautiful!

  3. Nice sister ;) Love Richard Nicoll too.

  4. B
    I used a combination of Baby Panadol and SM33 (it is a gel that you put on the gums and it completely numbs unlike Bonjela).

    Tough times but you do have the loan of that beautiful Burberry coat - I think you should just wear it to the supermarket to make yourself feel better.

    I hope Baby BB gets better soon - sometimes they just go through phases. Is she completely free of wind - sometimes that can add to the grumpiness too as well as inner ear infections sometimes seemed to be the mysterious cause of grizzly periods when I took mine off to the doctor.

    India Francis x

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    India - thanks for the tips! I haven't seen SM33 around, is it readily available? I have only seen Sedagel & Bonjela...the powder I am using is Weleda.

    I think teething is also causing a tummy upset (probably from her constantly trying to put her fingers/mouth/mittens/other into her mouth), so she does have wind (I use gripe water or BabiesOnly Tummy Tonic - and burp her as much as I can). I took her to the doctor to rule out ear infection, and she apparently does not have one...

    I wonder how long this is going to go on for :(


  6. PS. Teething symptoms started around 3 months! She is now 4 months old...things seem to get worse & worse...oh, and at 3 months she started refusing the bottle (EBM) too! Heading out is so much harder now :(

  7. You poor thing - this phase will pass.
    SM 33 is easily available at chemists but is over the counter - maybe double check it is ok for babies ( it says that it is and I used it)
    With the wind do you do the sit up hand under the chin burp - that one always yeilded good results for me.
    P.S. What bottles are you using - does she like the teat ? You don't want to spend a fortune but sometimes you can change around and find they like one over another.....
    Also another weird question - is she too warm. I think the rule of thumb is that they wear one more layer than us. Is she over-stimulated - can she see a mobile or dangly thing when it is sleep time - sometimes it can be worth removing is like solving a mystery!

    P.S. So I am not a completely tragic mother - I did adore your Dries shoes from your post the other day - they remind me of those little embroidered silk handbags my Mum used to buy me as a child from Chinatown.

    India x

  8. no advise about the teething, but loving the coat and dress! the colour of the dress is stunning C!


  9. India - thx again for your tips! I'll ask around for SM33. I do the under the chin burp, and also supporting the torso whilst seated and rubbing the back upwards, as well as over the shoulder (rubbing and/or patting with cupped hand).

    re: bottles - for almost 3 months she would drink from the Avent (silicone teats) no problem, in trying to implement a routine, I started going out less, used bottles less (may have contributed to her now refusal to drink from a bottle - she'll scream and cry). So I've tried NUK teats (silicone and latex) since, with no success to date. I should persist (I usually get hubby to try giving her the bottle), but since she is now so fussy even breastfeeding, I'm thinking the bottle would be pretty much impossible.

    She doesn't have a mobile, but does have a toy hanging above her bed, may remove it ;) It IS like a mystery, haha!

    re: too warm, I use that rule too...can't wait 'til it's warmer, and I don't have to use a heater, and I can see her toes more...


  10. Wow, that coat is amazing! love the details. lucky sister =)

  11. I've just had my teething 6 month old nephew here and I feel your pain! I have no tips except baby panadol, the numbing gel and strict strict routine. Good luck. Love the coat xxx

  12. Thanks Jess - she sure is!

    FF - thx for the tips! Strict strict routine is slipping (although I have always struggled establishing one with lil J)


  13. What a beautiful coat ! so chic, i love the silver tones !