Thursday, November 18, 2010

David Szeto Spring/Summer 2011: Liberté - Pt 3

David Szeto

Spring Summer 2011

Collection: Liberté

Brilliant Tailoring

Large silver zippers are used as a main part of the design in this dress. This dress is almost a banana peel, if you unzipped all the zippers you'd be exposed. Zipped, this dress is a simple shift. The leather collars around the edge can be thought of as petals….How brilliant!

How beautiful is that curved & ruched hem?

I love the draped lapels that disappear into the side pockets of this dress...

The neck detail on this is subtle yet effective...
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  1. Pinstripes like that are so tricky, it reminds me of an old school gangster.

  2. I've never hear of david szeto before but now I need to ckeck his website (hope he has one) out!!!
    xx Nini
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  3. Yes, that first dress is totally me!

  4. definitely original and unique. thank you for bringing this fantastic designer to my attention :-)

  5. This is such a completely unique look!!!

    BTW, I would love to see you smiling even once in a while..

  6. beautiful! i love the shoes most actually! and the trousers are a bit bit or is that me?

  7. like the grey bazer

  8. a m a z i n g !!!!