Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Street Style at the Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Weeks - Trench coats

Ah, the Trench Coat. My wardrobe is literally bursting full of coats - Seriously! I have to ask hubby to fix the two wardrobe door hinges that have come undone from the strain the overload is causing); and of the 'coat family', the 'Trench' is my absolute favourite, and most abundant in my coat collection. Funnily, I seem to own a trench in various colours and fabrics, but none in the classic 'trench' colour and classic 'trench' fabric. This is probably due to my love for 'classics with a twist', but must be remedied, no doubt. During the SS'11 Fashion Weeks, it was the outerwear of choice for many:

Classic trench, love the contrasting colour from her shirt/dress rolled out onto the sleeves.

That glorious red looks gorgeous peaking from behind the muted coloured trench.

Not quite a trench per se, but I love the colour combinations here.

Ah, Burberry Prorsum (and Christopher Bailey) - how I love thee!

Classic Burberry Trenchcoat with Louboutin heels & Balenciaga bag

A twist on the classic trench (I am a huge fan of classics with a twist!)

Lover (Australian label, woo hoo!) Trench cape

trench + grey marle = two loves in one

Not quite the trench coat, but I loved the idea of the trench 'skirt' - and paired with my other favourite wardrobe staple - the nautical/French striped shirt

Most of the time I scrunch my trenchcoat sleeves right up too

Isn't this a fabulous outfit?!?

I just found this photo on streetfsn, and just had to add this here, too cute for words! I recently purchased Lil J's first Burberry trench coat and cannot wait for her to use it...
Pics from, thesartorialist, streetseoulfsn, hanneli & streettonic.


  1. I love SJP's leather version. She always looks so charming. I also love the outfit of the girl in the khaki trench with the matching suede heels. I'm such a sucker for matchy matchy.
    I LOVE trench coats, I would be lost without them. Living in a tropical climate I get so much crap for wearing them, regardless of the season I wear a trench 1x a week at least. I don't own a beige one either, more because that color looks awful on me.

  2. looove the trench cape!
    this post and olivia's post is so inspiring!

  3. Gorilla bought me a Burberry trench last Christmas from the KLIA's Burberry Duty Free Boutique at 40% off and I love it! The best bit about it is that it came with a padded lining that is detachable.

    Thanks for the post, I always wondered if I can let the hem of my skirt/dress peek through my trench and the pictures that you'd shared with us showed me that it looks cool doing so!

  4. Hello, wow i really like ur stile so much, i want to share this page with u, it have a lot of beautiful and unique pieces! i think you would love it. i got some stuff from them! ;D


  5. Lovely post B - I adore the trench.

    India x

  6. These photos are amazing, and I LOVE the trench coats!

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