Monday, November 8, 2010

Street Style at the Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Weeks - Pants

The Welcome Return of the Wide-leg Pant

Before the arrival of harem pants in my wardrobe, my most-worn style of pants was the wide-leg pant, especially in the man-style cut. It still is my favourite style of pant (if I can fit into them), and it was refreshing to see its return off the catwalk during the SS'11 Fashion Weeks:

With a casual draped tee

How perfectly cozy and fuzzy does that sweater look? Gorgeous soft pink too...

Wide-leg pant in denim, with Alexander Wang top

In camel, the current 'it' colour. Love the cut on that structured jacket.

Worn with a relaxed blazer & funky wedges.

The Track, Harem & Peg-legged/Tapered Pant:

Proenza Schouler top, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants & Chanel shoes

I absolutely adore these pants! Beautifully draped, resembling a skirt from the side-view

I still drool over Vera Wang's statement necklaces


  1. awesome blog, keep it up!
    come visit the revamped COSMICaroline and see an in-depth look at Nashville's Fashion Week!


  2. I love wide-leg pants & anything that resembles the 70's:)

  3. Awesome look! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  4. I finally found a pair of relaxed capri pants that actually fit me. I'm only 5"2, so all of the harem pants, capri pants, drop-crotch pants on the market just look *odd* when I put them on. And you can't just take up the hems, because it changes the whole structure.

    But on a recent trip to Malaysia, I finally found a pair that fit me perfectly. It was worth the wait - they are comfortable, colourful, and just divine.

    Poppy xox

  5. So beautiful post !!

  6. I love those wide leg trousers but can NEVER find them. Closest so far are a vintage black velvet pair of palazzo pants.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. The goldenrod coloured Philip Lims are stunning, so unusual to see trousers in ncie bright colours.

  8. As would be the Hegelian rule, wide leg would be the next trend...

    But I LOVE it as well. Straight from the hip is such a flattering style for so many people.