Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Akira - Playful, Funky & Oriental

Akira Blue Silk/Wool Pleat Front Dress


Shoes: Christian Louboutin Electric Blue Simple 85mm Pumps


Shoes: Marni


Shoes: Prada Ming Nude/Purple/Nude heels (these were my first pair of designer shoes, I was a late bloomer)

Miscellaneous wooden colourful jewellery from Brazil, 'Candy' bracelet from Bauhaus (click HERE to enlarge)

Tom Binns Faux Real cuff, Prada Ming heels, Hand-painted Batik silk scarf from Malaysia (click HERE to enlarge)

Tom Binns Faux Real cuff, Prada Ming heels, Hand-painted Batik silk scarf from Malaysia, Blue fish pendant on gold chain (it is 'jointed' so that it's flexible and 'swishes' its tail when you move) from China (bought from Bauhaus) - I found this to be so cute I bought it in forest green & amber for my sisters (click HERE to enlarge)


  1. AHHHHH i just LOVE that Akira dress, that royal blue is delicious!
    Love the prada purchase too, actually ALL your purchases.
    So jealous so so jealous

  2. Aww...thanks diamondsinchampagne! I've had those Prada for years (my first pair of designer heels)! Only the Akira is a new purchase :)

  3. oh WOW. i love that dress so much, what a great colour! and i'll say it once, i'll say it again... akira is a GOD.

    and here's something i've said about a thousand times... you have great taste! wow! those prada shoes are fantastic, as are your jewellery and scarves... truly lovely! great colours and they all go so well together. i just love jewellery, and it was such fun to look at yours.

    ah well, someone beat me to the tfs mark. still, it's cool you're on there now! my username is peachescream, if you ever see me round send me a pm or buddy me haha! i've been on since 2005 but only recently started using it properly...


  4. that marni shoes are something different! like that a lot. impressive life story you got there.

  5. Drooling over every single item posted! The royal blue looks amazing on you, i really like it with the scarf and those Prada heels! to die for!

  6. Arrasou em ambos os looks! Amei o tom de azul, os sapatos Marni sao chiquerrimos, e o branco sobreposto ao vestido foi perfeito.

  7. those Prada shoes are pure art! and also this great dress!!!

    a kiss!!!

  8. I love your dress. It is my favorite shade in the whole world and the shape is so interesting. Great looks you're pairing with it.

  9. fun pradas.
    i like the double layered with the necklaces version the best.
    it's such a beautiful dress and has a great color!

  10. THAT Akira dress is a hundred times more gorgeous when worn, just as I thought. It is just beautiful. Absolutely great purchase.

  11. hrose - Thanks! And I agree wholeheartedly, Akira is just amazing! (although this dress is a very simple one, his resort collection is 'late' to arrive in stores). I love jewellery too! It can add so much to an outfit, don't you think? Have just started perusing TFS, and will look out for you ;) Am looking forward to seeing a pic of your formal dress.

    ryder, madame dior & rdp - Thanks!

    romeika & kira - Muito obrigada!

    the clothes horse - Thanks! Blue's my favourite colour too! I must admit I think the colour came out a bit brighter/deeper in the's a little (only a touch) more subdued.

    H of Candid Cool - Thanks! I was actually wearing that Willow cream slip when I was at the store, so wore it under all the dresses I tried (which came in handy when I tried the sheer white one), and I liked the band at the bottom, when trying with this blue dress (as well as the black version I tried on as well) :)

  12. Haha eu falo portugues sim!
    Falando de cores, o seu blog eh mto colorido! Amei!!
    E tb A-M-O brigadeiro!hehe

  13. I love that shade of blue, it's so beauitful! You accessorize so well!

  14. this royal blue colour is prefect for brunettes ;)
    i love the funky way, and how you give different styles to a piece.

  15. That electric blue is so poppin! Such a great colour on you. I like the funky look the best. And those prada shoes are so beautiful too!

  16. leila - Muito obrigada! Acabei de perceber que meu blog e' colorido mesmo! :)

    Thanks i.d., diane, DYDWD & MizzJ!

  17. All three looks are great. I'm partial to the first one for the simple and elegant look. Like the white beads necklace as well. That is a lovely colour for you.

  18. love everything about! the dress is beautiful and all three styling is lovely!

  19. I found your blog link on The Purse Forum

    I love the blue dress!! It matches the Christian Louboutin New Simples perfectly! I also like it with the other accessories as well.