Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 3 - Melbourne Shopping Report

Day 3 - Shopping in the City Part II

Purchases: One (hooray!). Yesterday's was my favourite Australian designer Akira Isogawa, today, my favourite International designer Dries Van Noten. It's a fairly simple black fine sheer knit, blouson-style, with a wide sequinned band in front. Will try not to hype it too much, as I don't want to let you all down when I get to post a picture up (I may have hyped the Akira blue dress too much...)

Today's outfit: Dries Van Noten silk blouse, Sass & Bide Harem Pants, Dries Van Noten buckle sandals (later swapped for Havaianas, haha), Tom Binns Faux Real cuff & Burberry red Manor bag (again, pics in 'Packing for 4 Seasons in 1 Day' post).

Breathtaking moments: Again, many amazing Dries Van Noten pieces, this time in Cose Ipanema (where I purchased my blouse/top), including the stunning beaded/sequinned pieces from the Spring 2008 collection (still at full-price). Tried the dress below, once again 2 sizes too big (most DVN pieces in store are size 40!), but the SA were trying to convince me it looked good, uhm, sadly I don't have $2000+ to spend on a dress that makes me look like a sack...the dress is already 'oversized', imagine 'oversized' and two sizes too big on top of that), also tried the amazing cuff below...(thought it was a purse as it had a zip! Didn't look quite right on me). I can't find a picture of my top, and I just arrived home, hope to update with proper pictures soon.

Shops covered:

City: Cose Ipanema, Chanel (finally saw the reissue I thought I wanted, but realized that even though I love big bags, a smaller size can be for evening and night), Christine (amazing accessories - so much Lanvin! Thanks Joyce for taking me there! I had a great time this arvo!), Green with Envy (left a cute Sass & Bide tee with a sequinned Mickey Mouse on hold there, didn't go back as I ran out of time, the one I tried on had a cream/almost peach tone to it, which I was unsure of, hence I didn't get it straight away), Marais (the SA Calvin was adorable, such a sweetheart!) - Anne Valerie Hash, Sharon Wauchob, Preen, Hussein Chalayan...all my favourite designers, great store! Also went to Zambesi, and spotted those Martin Margiela sandal/boots in black...$1200 *sigh* (this was just after purchasing the DVN top, so reluctantly put the boots back on the chair it was on).

Food: Yu-u for lunch. I finally found this, after searching for it twice, and it was worth it. Gorgeous place (no pictures allowed! I love taking pictures of food!), and amazing set lunch for $16, very filling (and I eat a lot).


  1. Omg another great day in Melbourne, totally jealous.
    That beaded cuff is tdf. That dress has a gorgeous pattern, it's a shame they didn't have your size :(

    I am constantly frequenting Melbourne (my boy lives there), and your post is giving me so many fabulous new stores to visit

  2. Paul - Thanks!

    Diamondsinchampagne - Thanks! Admittedly I only tried that amazing dress 'just for fun' (something I do often, at times I end up buying the item, but at over $2000 for that dress...sadly not. Although this time it was brought to me by the SA, I had not dared try it.)

    If you need addresses or my Melbourne shopping list (I left some out in my posts, I think) for your next visit let me know ;)(although you probably know most of the stores anyway)

  3. PS. I've been trying to fix the different sizing of the fonts in this post, and it's not working, it's driving me nuts!

  4. i cant wait to see all the pictures. it sounds like you didnt do too much damage on your trip.
    are you saving up for brazil? how i wish i could be in brazil!!

  5. H of Candid Cool - Sadly I didn't take many photos. Most of the time I was on my own, and I tried taking an outfit shot, by propping the camera on the boot of the car, but felt like an idiot when people walked to their cars...I also couldn't take pictures in stores (sneaked a few in Akira, but nothing exciting)

    Yes, I went for quality over quantity this trip (although last trip I only bought 3 pieces, I am getting better with age, haha) I think I tend to buy less when shopping in a different city (or country) with limited time, as I usually try to think my purchases through, unless it was something I had my eye on for a long time.

    Sadly both pieces set me back my month's shopping budget (I had also bought a Hussein Chalayan prior to the trip, which turned out to be too small. Should I hang on to it and wait for me to lose weight? !) :( (I was hoping for some good sale items, alas, there were none to be found).

    Going to Brazil in 4 weeks also didn't help my cause...I seriously cannot wait! I haven't been back home in almost 5 years! Haven't seen my dad in 2 years! Ooh...too exciting! The food, the beaches, the weather, the people...guarana antartica(my favourite soft drink ever), my sisters & mom...Can you tell I'm excited? :) YAY!!!!

    PS. It's hubby's first time to South America/Brazil, and he may be even more excited than I (or maybe not, as I'm almost bursting with excitement)...

  6. hi i am the frequent invisible reader of your blog, i love everything you wrote, keep up the good works !!

  7. OMG. I should really try that place where you had lunch. What a deal!

    Coats are a little hard to find in Australia isn't it? It's a little too warm except in maybe Vic and SA.

  8. i love the dress and the cuff !!!
    they look so graphic, elegant and comfortable !!! and the dries van noten details : flower prints, embroideries ...
    if you buy such expensive items, they must be your size.

  9. that's so exciting!! whenever i see the sartorialist's rio pictures, i just wish i could be there.

    hang onto the Chalayan for a couple of months, and see what happens, but only if you really LOVE it.

  10. Chrysanthemum - thank you so much for your sweet comments! At times I'm still in awe that people actually read my blog, it's so lovely hearing from those who do! :)

    Songy - I highly recommend Yu-U, if you're ever visiting Melbourne and would like a list of good cheap eats, I have one saved on my computer, haha! And yes, good coats in Australia are hard to come by, most of mine are from overseas, although I do remember a cute Lover short-sleeved coat. I thought Perth had a similar climate to Adelaide? I love coats, may have to take pictures of my 'collection' some day :)

    DYDWD - I totally agree, and Dries Van Noten is just incredibly talented & amazing! It's a shame his pieces are even more marked up over here. That cuff was almost $1000, and the dress was over $2000!

    H of Candid Cool - I agree, I love that The Sartoralist is in Rio, makes me even more excited about my trip. I will be heading to Rio as well as other places in Brasil :) I think I will hang on the Chalayan dress for a little while...(I seem to be doing this with SO many dresses lately, they're all with their tags in my wardrobe still, why oh why did I have to gain so much weight?)