Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 1 - Melbourne Shopping Report

Day 1 - Shopping in the 'suburbs'

Purchases: NIL (Sacre bleu! Even my husband, bracing himself for a carload of purchases, was shocked to find I did not spend a penny. I call it 'museum' shopping, I was happy just seeing these beautiful items in real life, touching them, and sometimes, trying them on)

Today's Outfit: Melbourne's 4 seasons in a Day did not disappoint: rain, shine, cold, wind & sun...I wore (didn't bring my camera cable): Vanessa Bruno wool jersey & satin blouse, Sass & Bide Harem pants, Dries Van Noten black buckle sandals (occasionally replaced with dark silver Havaianas), Willow electric blue silk coat/dress, worn unzipped as a coat, Burberry red Manor bag & Tom Binns Faux Real cuff (n.b. pictures of all items in my previous post).

Breathtaking moments: Plenty to be had at the Belinda store on Malvern Road. As I entered the store, I was immediately drawn to my favourite designer: Dries Van Noten. I tried an amazing black silk dress with the most intricate & beautiful details on the sleeves, worth of framing & hanging on the wall. I paired it with the oversized bangle necklace, which sat quite high on my chest, and was fairly heavy. I also tried on the strappy sandals of the season (sadly, the colourful strappy version wasn't in store, so the ones I tried are on the left of the picture below, and I tried it on with my Harem pants, not the DVN outfit). Unfortunately, the dress was 2 sizes too big (which I knew, but just had to try it on, plus..the necklace alone was $999). I was hoping to take a picture of the amazing detail on the sleeves, but the beautiful and lovely SA was chatting to me outside the changeroom curtain, and I didn't dare. I'm sighing just thinking about it! It was truly a thing of beauty!
Other breathtaking moments: trying on an amazing electric blue Junya Watanabe dress with white trim at the neckline, it had folds and folds of fabric, that made a hood at the back. Sadly it did not fit quite right on me, and for $1070 (reduced from $1570), not worth parting with my money. Also, Alaia accessories at Scanlan&Theodore, namely a nude patent corset belt (way too small) and those strappy brown sandals (but they were in the flat version, I love the stiletto version).

Shops covered (some of):
High Street: Frock Exchange, Kirrily Johnston, Scanlan & Theodore
Malvern Road: Belinda, Empire Rose, Little Joe by Gail Elliot
Glenferrie Road: Cactus Jam & Vanessa Bruno
Chapel Street: was going to skip this altogether, but accompanied hubby to Moji (he bought a cute pair of shorts), Calibre & Calibre's outlet store (Greville St.), where I picked some amazing buys for him (great prices too)! Whilst waiting for him (vinyl record shopping), popped into Scanlan & Theodore again, Sass & Bide, Alannah Hill (just to kill time).

In the evening I went to Kanela, an amazing Flamenco Bar restaurant, and ate so much! Eating at the bar (restaurant was fully booked, so I highly recommend making a booking way in advance if possible on a Saturday, as the Flamenco show is just amazing!). The tapas was delicious (particularly the Albondegas), as was the Paella. I was bursting at the seams (after 2 tapas, paella, a sangria, and sharing a bottle of 'Marques de Caceres"), but I still ordered the churros con chocolate, and proceeded to stand to watch the beautiful Flamenco, as I was too full to sit, silly me)
Ok, I'd better head out for Day 2 now - shopping in the City. It's sunny!!!


  1. ok, i loved that DVN Collection !

    you should get all the shoes and accesories!


    aaaaaa you are so lucky :)

  2. Ohhh your outfit sounded lovely (which I expected as you always look stunning) and the day sounded just as good.

  3. oh melbourne, how lovely lovely lovely. i thought you lived there though? what part of australia do you live in? and you bought nothing! not to worry though, tis only day 1... plenty more shopping days to come.

    your outfit sounds truly spectacular. vanessa bruno is without a doubt one of my favourite favourite designers, and i bought the silk assymetrical skirt in lilac i have been lusting over on sale at the vanessa bruno shop in william st, paddington, sydney... there are also some lovely vb goodies on sale at the corner shop in the strand that i am eyeing, in particular a wallet... the DVN sandals sound good too, and the willow coat/dress sounds marvellous! wish i could see pictures..

    oh but how much do you love belinda! the shop on malvern road is simply stunning, isn't it? DVN is your favourite designer? what a great choice... definitely up there in my favs too, with chanel, lanvin, vb, alex wang, philip lim.. oh there are too too many! haha

    that bangle necklace is simply stunning though, and the alaia accessories WOULD have been a real highlight. i love that scanlan and theodore has some really interesting finds that you would not expect. there was a simply stunning pair of alaia heels in the paddington store last time i looked. i really love s&t, very chic.

    your meal sounds delicious, am very jealous, although i am having thai as i write, ( i know, bad of me to eat near the computer, but i am so very very hungry!) and it is yummy. And, on your earlier post, your packing is perfect. 4 seasons in a day, and you have them all covered!

    now, onto something a little more fun... you mentioned in your last comment to me that you would love to join tfs. shall i invite you? unless someone else has already done so, of course... let me know if you still need an invite, i would be more than happy to invite you to join! it really is the funnest thing, i check almost every day, and love being connected with other fashion-minded people...

    anyway, i'll end this super long comment (i just can't help myself, can i?) with wishes of best luck with your other shopping days, and pure envy that i am not in melbourne too... how i love it there! so beautiful and cultural. can't wait to read your next post!

  4. juan - How I wish I could afford all the shoes and accessories! Haha :)

    diamondsinchampagne - Aw, thanks! Honestly, I think I hyped my outfit descriptions too much, more interesting than IRL :)

    coco - Yeah, aren't they stunning? Wish I could've seen the colourful strappy version IRL...

    hrose You would've loved the Vanessa Bruno portion of the Cactus Jam on Glenferrie Rd., the range was HUGE, I think more extensive than the VB store on William St store (having said that I was last there in January, so I may be quite wrong). Ooh, I'd love to see a pic of your VB skirt ;)

    re: TFS, thanks, I must thank anja who kindly 'invited' me (I accessed the internet minimally in the last few days).

    btw. I had links to pictures to the DVN sandals & Willow coat/dress in the 'Packing for 4 seasons in 1 day' post, you just had to click on the 'blue' writing...

    Still no sign of my UK Vogue :( Was quite happy with the AUS Vogue's content, the AUS Harper's was incredibly disappointing!

    And yep, DVN is my favourite designer (and Akira's my fave Oz designer), I bought a DVN top today! Will post about it soon...Simple, but I love it, saw so much of his stuff this trip...I'm so in love!

  5. gee I almost forgot that you live in Australia. I should add you in my aussie roll section.

    the shopping sounds absolutely divine. Have fun, hon. I miss Melbourne, too much now!