Friday, November 7, 2008

Packing for '4 Seasons in a Day' - Weekend away!

Tonight I pack my bags and leave for a weekend of shopping and food (Hooray! Two of my favourite things). I had semi-packed last night, but as I check the weather forecast for Melbourne, I come across a dilemma: How does one pack for 4-seasons in a day? The forecast predicts possible storms & showers, and I had packed a Willow silk coat-dress, but now am thinking a raincoat (and umbrella) may come in handy. Layering will be key. Also, my suitcase is substantially smaller than the drawing above (it was my sister's laptop bag), so that I can carry it on-board, which means I am limited for space. I also try to pack as little as possible, especially if it's a 'shopping trip', as I'm bound to find/buy something that I can wear as soon as I get back to the hotel room).  I usually dress for comfort over anything else, but this trip I'm trying for a bit of style.

My usual fashion staples for a weekend away are:

Jeans: Usually worn on the plane to reduce baggage weight, and for comfort. As I no longer fit any of my jeans (a staple in any weekend trip), this item will have to be replaced by my trusty Sass & Bide Harem pants (is there anything more comfortable?)

Sandals/Thongs: As much as I love heels, I cannot wear them as I do my shopping, as I cover a lot of ground, walking here there and everywhere. Therefore, I'm usually daggiest when shopping, often carrying a pair of heels in my bag just in case (I once got followed around in Louis Vuitton by the security guard, and I suspect it was due to me looking daggy in my Havaianas). So with me will come a pair of Havaianas (I have these in so many colours it's crazy, this trip they will be...dark silver), am now thinking of bringing these Stella McCartney for Adidas Asheni flats as it's going to rain.

Shoes: I've limited myself to one pair of heels this time, and they're the Dries Van Noten buckle sandals (chunkier heel means that I will be able to do some limited walking if required, my pain tolerance in heels is embarassing)

Bag: I usually cart a Chloe bag with me, as they're understated and very roomy. As the shoes I'll be toting in them are so bulky, I have to resort to a larger bag this time, and so I will bring my very roomy Burberry Manor (which I usually use everyday for work, as it life in it). Not quite understated, and being fire-engine red, will definitely provide a pop of colour to any outfit I wear (a definite change from my usual bag of choice for shopping).

Jacket: As it gets cold quick at night in Melbourne (and usually quite windy/breezy), a warm jacket is a must, cue Burberry navy leather jacket (I lightened the picture a little). I will also bring the Willow silk cobalt blue coat/dress as a light alternative, which I hope to pair with dresses (I'm bringing my beaded/sequinned Dries Van Noten shirt-dress), over pants, or zipped up on its own as a dress on its own (love versatile pieces).

Tops: I usually bring Sass & Bide t-shirts, but this time will opt for actual tops (probably this Dries Van Noten & a Jaclin Chouchana racerback black/grey blouse. Have decided to add this wool jersey top by Vanessa Bruno for warmth.

Accessories: I usually bring necklaces & earrings, but this time I'm only bringing one piece: the Tom Binns Faux Real cuff.

I should be good to go. Did I forget anything? Luckily I still have a few hours to go...Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully will have some purchases I can report on when I get back.

By the by, what do you pack for a weekend away?


  1. Argh Australian weather is the worst! Most of the time i go Uni i leave the house and its completely sunny and i get to the city and it just pours down rain, its so unpredictable!

    I would definitely pack the Dries Van Noten, its so gorgeous! And your raincoat, the colour is so fabulous its not funny, i always pack a pair of Havaianas as well, they always come in handy, i was going to purchase the dark silvers ones but i was worried the colour would peel off, how are you pair?

    I usually pack to be comfortable when it comes to weekends away, and don't actually pack that much so i can have an excuse to buy more clothes =]

    Have a good trip!

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! High heel tolerance is something they should teach you from a young age. :p

    I love your blog too, hope you have a wonderful weekend away! x

  3. Oh, I have missed so much! I hope you had a good weekend here, and the weather behaved appropriately!

    There are some lovely things on that list... :)

  4. If it's a shopping weekend, I bring my Longchamp Le Pliage so I that I'll always have an extra bag if needed. If I don't, they're foldable and ligh anyway so they hardly take up space and weight.

    Generally speaking, I bring a shawl because it always saves me from the cold, expected or otherwise. My vintage SFAMs, so old that they are going to be transparent soon. :P A white shirt that I can wear with anything and accessorise with everything.

    PS. I love your blog and your beautiful stuff. This blog has become one of my regular blog reads since discovering it. Keep writing! :)

  5. madame dior - The dark silver Havs don't peel at all, it's just like any other pair of Havaianas ;) (love them, but look forward to stocking up on more when I go back home - Brasil - in 4 weeks! Especially the 'slim' versions).

    I also usually pack to be comfortable (hence I'm daggiest when away), but this trip I'm trying to dress up a bit more, as I hardly get the chance to do so here...

    I.d. thanks!

    esme and the lane way thanks also!

    rdp thanks for the lovely comment! I also usually bring a v. large (Balenciaga Weekend sized bag) in which I usually stuff my handbag, so that it counts as my 'carry on', but this time my handbag's too large, doh! I'm not expecting as much shopping this year though...not with the upcoming Buenos Aires/Brasil trip :( (sad about the lack of funds, not the trip). Great tips on your travel staples, thanks!

  6. Packing!!! The story of my life...

    Since I've been travelling for 4 months now and still have 2 1/2 weeks to go I'm becoming an expert.

    Before leaving Ireland (that's where we were living!) to get on the road, I went to London and bought an entire 4 months wardrobe. Of course I made few purchases along the way but not much, as dragging bags every couple of days IS NOT fun!

    Also I had to be prepared for any kind of weather: Rain in Paris and Munik, 40 degrees in Berlin, followed by a chilly couple of days in Prague... by another really hot days and chilly nights in Vienna and Budapest... 45 degrees every day and night in Turkey and Rome... and back to Paris when it was starting to get cold.

    The weather in São Paulo has been crazy too... sometimes it's 30 degrees one day and 15 the next.

    I wonder what the weather is going to be like in Buenos Aires (the next stop) and finally home, in New Zealand...

    Have a wonderful trip and don't forget to post your finds.

    For Fashion's Sake - Grazi

  7. Well, That's a bit of challenge!
    Knit that doesn't crinkle, (tricot), long skirt that can be crinkled and still stylish, blazer and a pair of brogues and a sandal and finally a pair of trousers to go with the blazer. Also, I always pack my swimsuit whether it's winter or summer

  8. I try not to pack too much,but always end up with a almost-bursting traveling bag!!Its hard...btw I love your blog,and I love the fact that you are brazilian raised! So am I...I grew up there!

  9. how organizes you are! i will trip too this weekend, but i didn´t even think what to bring :)

    a kiss,
    have a great time :)

  10. ok so smart, i didnt think about the 4 season effect last time i went to melb and ended up freezing!!!
    have a great trip :)
    i love your blog, would you like to exchange links, my aus blog list is a little bare, id love a blog like yours to fill it :)

  11. For fashion's sake - Minha nossa! How I'd love to pack and travel for almost 5 months! I'm very jealous! Last year I travelled to Europe, but for 2 weeks! Oh, it was sacrilege to go there for so short a time! And you're going to Buenos Aires! Please do tell me where are the must-sees or must-go's. I'll be there in 3 1/2 weeks (OMGosh! Time's flying!). Quite often when flying home (Brasil), I go through Europe, so I can understand the difficulty in having to pack for various seasons, very hard!

    songy - great items!

    leila - Muito Obrigada! Had a little peek at your blog, and love it too! Where did you grow up in in Brasil? I cannot wait to go back in December! Oba!

    Kira - Hope you had a great weekend away ;)

    H of Candid Cool - Love what you'd pack! I'm a huge tux blazer/jacket lover. I also love bags that sling across the body, especially when travelling, as it frees up the hands, and also makes it more difficult for the bag to get stolen :)

    Ausanna - Thanks! I have your blog bookmarked on my computer! :) I'm so glad I brought my leather jacket, it got so cold at night!