Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Walker Flat - Weekend Getaway

(Click on photo to enlarge)

I just wanted to quickly share a picture I took during a weekend getaway with friends in the Riverland.  We had such a fun relaxing time in a riverfront property with this amazing view, I almost felt like I was in a movie set.  Good food, great company, French champagne & Australian wines, what else could one ask for? Marshmallows! We built a bonfire at night and forgot to get some marshmallows for toasting.  

The first day was so cold I was at my 'most glamorous' (not!) and used my ugg boots outdoors! That is quite a fashion 'faux pas' here (and my first time doing so), but I didn't care...it was so warm & cozy!  It was after all, a weekend of indulgence, and what greater indulgence is there than ultimate comfort? 


  1. que delícia, hein? nada como um bom passeio... bjs!

  2. It's stunning. It looks like a painting.

  3. what a peaceful picture, it looks out of time. just makes me want to have a rest there :)

    a friend of mine just went back from australia after 3 weeks holidays, i can't wait he tells me how it was !!!

  4. Ugg boots are really cute :)


  5. looks very serene
    beautiful photograph

  6. what a stunning view!
    even kate moss wears her uggs when she's out in the country side ;)

  7. You took this picture!? Awesome! How lovely to get out of town every now and then. :)

  8. i.d.I just realized my hubby took this shot, not me (oops!), it was on my camera, and I took a similar shot it...

    Claudia - adoro um bom passeio!

    coco - Doesn't it? :) That's what I kept saying while I was there, it was so beautiful!

    DYDWD - Hope your friend takes gorgeous pictures of Australia to show you, so that you come & visit soon ;)

    H of Candid Cool - *sigh* If I looked like Kate Moss I'd wear a bag out and still look stunning...lol