Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roaring Tiger, Hidden Dragon - My Favourite Chloe Jacket

Jacket: Chloe reversible embroidered jacket, Pinafore Dress: Willow, Shoes: Marni Patent Wedges

In my wardrobe, I love jackets & coats more than my dresses, skirts, pants or tops...This is one of my favourite jackets by Chloe, of the long-gone Stella McCartney era (Stella and Phoebe Philo were my favourites for Chloe). Not only is this jacket reversible (love the versatility of a 2-in-1 jacket), but I simply adore the embroidered tiger, dragon, skull, flowers, eagle, and 'Virgin' scrawled at the back. When the temperature suddenly soared to 36 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) last week, mild panic ensued when I realized I haven't had the chance to wear some of my favourite jackets, thinking Mother Nature had decided to skip a season. Thankfully this week the weather has cooled to the respectable 20s, affording me some time to wear some of my jackets while I can.

Carmen Kass looking infinately hotter than I in the Chloe jacket - how cute are those shorts?


  1. Omgggg that jacket... goodness gracious. The detailing is phenomenal.
    Those shorts are cute, but I think I would need that model's body to pull them off hehe

  2. fantastic jacket! and I love dragons on clothes ;)

  3. oi!!! linda jaqueta! adoooro jaquetas tb, mas aqui no rio já estamos com um super calor! uma pena... bjs!

  4. diamondsinchampage - I totally agree, very cute shorts...but only if you have a body like Carmen Kass...I added a close-up shot, as I love the detailing too :)

    escritora - I'm a 'fire dragon' (Chinese horoscope), so love dragons too!

    Claudia - Obrigada! Daqui a 3 semanas nao estarei usando jaquetas...no Brasil!!! OBA!!!

  5. mmmm phoebe philo for chloe. those were the glory days, were they not? i just love this jacket too. i have one like that, but it's in black, and it's not designer just... chinatown. haha. it looks fab with a plain outfit.

    and you look so great here! i love the willow dress actually, wow. so cool! i'm going shopping tomorrow and i must remember to have a look in willow, ever since she left her show on oxford st paddo i haven't seen her stuff... i used to her love her so much though!

    and no way does carmen kass look better. micro mini shorts are a big no in my book, unless you are carmen kass... fashion should not be exclusive! everyone should be able to adapt/make a trend their own. there is no way to make mini shorts your 'own' unless you are that thin/have a pert butt. :D

    and i love jackets too! they are my favourite piece of clothing i think, either them or skirts... they just jazz up any outfit, an every one adds a different tone. changes everything about your outfit, you could be boring all black but with an interesting jacket you are much much more.

    mmm it is much cooler this week (thank god). i hope the weather stays like this, i'm enjoying wearing my new blazer out everywhere.

    what part of aus do you live in, btw?

  6. Ah, eu prefiro o seu visual ao da Carmen Kass. Serio! Muito mais elegante com seus sapatos Marni chiquerrimos, sem falar no vestido (adoro vestidos com bolsos). Amei, a jaqueta eh linda!

  7. i love the pleats and buttons of the dress, it could be a vintage elegant 50's dress.
    the jacket gives a fancy look to the outfit,i love the mix of the flower print and the dragons.

  8. cute jacket. and you look amazing in that dress!!

  9. Oh! I do adore both of these pieces. That jacket and that dress are so gorgeous.

  10. Oooh that jacket. Gorgeous. I love the contrast with the sheer, floaty shorts. You have a great eye, wanna trade links? Check out my blog if you get the chance...


  11. love that dress, the bust is very flattering.
    it's really interesting that you've been to so many different places (i was reading your about). i'm portuguese and speak english, spanish and french, but i never lived outside portuguese.

  12. I love that model and also your style!

    a kiss!!!

  13. That is a hot jacket - would definitely become a family heirloom!

    What's your favorite item in your closet? I know, it would be very hard...but if you could only pick one...?

  14. coco, H of Candid Cool, DYDWD, the clothes horse & kristin - Thank you for your lovely comments!

    romeika - Ah, muito obrigada! 'You're too sweet'! Tambem adoro vestidos com bolsos!

    kira - Obrigada gatinha! Um beijo!

    giovanna - Muito obrigada!

    i.d. - Thanks, haha...family heirloom? Sure hope I have a girl to share my love for fashion with :) My favourite item in my wardrobe? Hm...My Akira wedding dress, I wish I display it as a wall hanging or something.

    hrose - I agree that those shorts aren't for most (which is probably why I like looking at them - the impossible, haha!). I love Willow, and have a top of hers from the days when she used to show in Australia...In her latest collection in stores, there is a gorgeous silk chiffon floral dress with dark yellow 'balls', drapey & gorgeous, but sadly the 'yellow' wasn't right for my skin tone..

    I totally agree with you on jackets, that's why I love them so much, sometimes they make an outfit more so than shoes :) To answer your Q: I'm from Adelaide (so if you ever come down for a visit...say to sample our amazing wines), drop a line ;)

  15. acabei de me aperceber que disse que nunca tinha vivido fora de portuguese, quando queria dizer portugal ahah

  16. What an amazing jacket, and somehow with those shorts on the runway it works. Your outfit is good as well and im envying your marni shoes. Thanks for all your comments by the way!

  17. I don't know. I think her shorts are rather risque.
    I like your look better.

  18. I love reversible jackets, i have two but they're not as gorgeous as yours! i really love the detail its amazing! awesome outfit, the shoes jacket and dress go sooo well together!

    Also i cant believe someone is selling Richie's dress for the double the price on ebay! they must be making a heft profit! =D

  19. I love that pinafore dress its awesome adn u got a great body to carry it :o)

    great blog mate# do drop by mine :o)

  20. O casaco é um espanto. O bordado é lindo.
    Mas adoro mesmo é o vestido. Fica muito bem em você.

  21. First, I have to say a huge thank you for your sweet comments. I love reading them!

    Your Chloe jacket is absolutely gorgeous. You look so pretty in it, dear!


  22. When you buy clothes, do you think of the pieces as investments to keep for many years?

    That is what I am trying to do.

    I especially love jackets as well. Shoes come first though, skirts following, then jackets, dresses, jeans. rarely pants.

    I do love me some Chloe!

  23. giovanna - Haha, entendi que voce quis dizer 'Portugal' em vez de Portugues :) Voce parece muito fofa & elinda na tua foto no 'perfil'!

    icon, songy, H of Candid Cool, the clothes horse - thanks for your lovely comments.

    madame dior - Thank you so much! And yeah! Isn't that crazy? I tried google-ing the dress, hoping to find it cheaper, lo and behold there it is at over double the price! I so want that dress, love it!

    terencesambowrites - Thank you for the flattering comment *blush* Checked out your blog, great men's style there ;)

    Alix - Muito obrigada! :)

    sunniva - Thanks! I love your blog!

    arline - Hm...To answer your question: Yes, to a certain extent. Most of my purchases I try to ensure are pieces that I can wear for many years to come, or that I find them beautiful to even look at. I also try (try being the operative word) to make sure I can justify the cost per wear (ie. if expensive I must ensure I wear it quite a bit). Of course, quite often (too often) that doesn't happen, as I have several items with tags in my closet. Sometimes because the occasion doesn't come quick enough when I can fit it, and then...because I can't fit it, I can't wear it. :(
    When you buy clothes, do you think of the pieces as investments to keep for many years?

    I especially justify coats & jackets, bags & shoes, then dresses or tops, pants & skirts come last on my list (especially with my recent weight increase)...

    I love Chloe! But not so much since Phoebe Philo left...

    I do love me some Chloe!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous.....I love the styling of the shorts too...

  25. carmen kass is so beautiful, and she seemes a very nice person too

  26. LOVE that jacket. It looks amazing with that dress too.