Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 2 - Melbourne Shopping Report

Day 2 - Shopping in the 'City'

Purchases: One (this must be the most well-behaved I've been in years!) - At Akira GPO I found a very simple blue silk dress (with a touch of wool, but incredibly light & comfortable). Understatedly simple, with pintucking details from the collar to mid-chest, the dress skims the body, hiding a multitude of sins. I was surprised to get something so simple, as I have tended to go for statement pieces (especially if from Akira). I can picture myself using this dress for years if not decades to come though, so a worthy investment. I must admit that the range in the Akira GPO store was very small, it was even more interesting at the Belinda Malvern store.

Today's outfit: Willow cream silk slip dress under Dries Van Noten sequinned/beaded shirtdress, with Dries Van Noten buckle sandals, Willow electric blue silk coat/dress worn open (again, pictures found in my 'Packing for 4 Seasons in 1 Day' post). My high heel tolerance is at an all-time low.

Breathtaking moments: At Belinda at GPO, a gorgeous Lanvin silk dress...sadly I don't have a money-tree in my garden.

Shops covered: (I wasn't very inspired for shopping today) - and was quite upset the 1st two shops I went to were shut: Cose Ipanema (Collins St) & Zambesi (Flinders Ln)
GPO: Belinda, Lisa Ho (new collection coming in late Jan/Feb), Camper (there was a wicked pair of men's shoes, but not in hubby's size), Akira, and Gallery Frey, which had the most amazing vintage YSL, Issey Miyake, and incredibly pieces by new European designers.
QV at Albert Coates Lane: Cactus Jam International, nothing of interest this time (oh, except for some beautifully beaded Matthew Williamson pieces, reminiscent of his earlier collections).! Christensen Copenhagen, some good items on sale, but nothing for me.

Food: Lunch at Don Don's (3rd year in a row), this is my favourite lunch place, salmon sashimi don for $8.10, delicious! Dinner at Movida, which was incredible! Tapas at the bar again, this time, less traditional, more 'nouveau'. Wagyu beef steak tartare was divine! Beautiful Spanish/Chillean wines too. I highly recommend this place, next time I will book to sit in the restaurant. The atmosphere was completely different from last night (Kanela), but then again, it was a 'swanky' place...

Ok, off for some more drinks...(sorry I had no pics to share this post, may add some when I return home)


  1. sounds like a very good day. im quite jealous (especially of your amazing sounding outfit.)

  2. Sounds like you've had a great and fun shopping day in Melbourne! Your outfit sounds so lovely <3

  3. Wow what a day!!!
    The Akira dress sounds gorgeous, can't wait to see piccies.
    Melbourne has some wonderful food, reading about where you went has made me incredibly hungry hehe

  4. I love Movida but it's so hard to get seats! Can't wait for your show-and-tell post. :)

  5. Oh nooo, you were on my home turf and I didn't know! Melbourne has great shopping and it sounds like you got to visit a lot of my favorite stores. :)

    Have you also been to Clover on Brunswick Street, Fitroy and/or Little Lonsdale Street, CBD? They have great little Japanese labels and discounted international designers (Stella, DvF, Marc by MJ, See by Chloe...) I got a pair of Lanvin flats for $100!!!

    Next time let me know and I can join you on a shopping tour! :p

  6. P.S. Oops, that was my comment above - wasn't logged in properly! :p

  7. Thanks hannah, sunniva & diamondsinchampagne! I'm feeling guilty that I may have over-hyped my outfits and Akira dress. I have just unpacked it, and as much as I love it, it is really simple...Which is pretty much why I bought it, I can picture it with Havaianas to lounge around in, or dressed up for a wedding...

    rdp - I agree that Movida is very hard to get seats! They're supposedly booked up to 27th of December (or something like that...that was their message on the answering machine), sitting at the bar is still quite fun, almost like eating Tapas in Spain...

    i.d. - Oh noooooooo!!! Clover sounds amaaaaaazing! And Lanvin for $100?!? What an absolute steal! What a shame! Will have to check it out next time I'm down, and will definitely message you for a shopping tour ;)