Friday, November 14, 2008

Dries Van Noten & Mickey Mouse - Monochromatic & Sequinned

Head-to-toe in Dries Van Noten - not from the same collection, so it's ok :)
DVN Black sheer knit top with sequinned band (black Metallicus top under it for modesty)
DVN Black skirt with white waistband and stripe down the side
DVN Black buckle sandals

Jewellery: Many Swarovski crystal bracelets (my aunt from NYC got these for all the 'girls' at a family Christmas get-together in the US a few years ago, as a memento of our 'reunion', so sweet), my 'Ice Cube' ring from Sportsgirl (bought this years ago for $1.50 on sale), crystal bracelet from Bauhaus (love this)

Top: Sass & Bide - "A Little Peace" Jagger Tee (love Mickey Mouse, and he's giving a peace sign, too cute!)
Pants: Sass & Bide Harem Pants
Tuxedo Blazer: Costume National brushed velvet with matte lapel & gold-trim button (love this jacket, and wear it with everything)
Shoes: Gucci Silver Stilettos

Remember these ad campaigns for Gucci from a few years back (Spring 2003)?

How I miss Tom Ford for Gucci! This was my favourite collection of his, I still long for the blue silk pleated embroidered kimono, it was a work of art!



  1. oi!!! adorei seu look, em especial os acessórios! bárbaros! bjs!

  2. That collection is beautiful indeed! I have to say though, I like the way you wore those stilettos more than they way they are worn in the ads. I love the first outfit too. You are great at injecting shots of silver!

  3. claudia - Muito obrigada! Como podes perceber, adoro acessorios! Entao Buenos Aires & Brasil vao ser uma beleza! Vejo que voce mora em Niteroi!!! Minha irma e niteroense! Morei em Niteroi quando tinha um aninho ate uns 4 ou 5...E mais avos moravam la tambem!

  4. oi!!! então já sabe: qdo vier a niterói, marcamos um encontro! vai ser super fun! bjs!

  5. "How I miss Tom Ford for Gucci" AHHHHH me too *weeps*. Love the collection you posted too, the prints were tdf.
    LOVE your Gucci peeptoes, a classic

  6. love the mickey mouse peace sign tee :) you look lovely in both outfits!

  7. Wow, that's too cute to be true. The Mickey t-shirt...OMG, I love it!! Looks great on you, and of course you choe great accesories, that match perfectly with the outfit. Bravo.

    Well...yes, I miss Tom Ford too. That collection was really really great. Gucci was never the same after him, I think.
    Have you heard that, apparently, he is now directing a movie?

    Thanks for passing by and commenting on the blog :)

  8. you look absolutely beautiful! i especially the 2nd one, with the harem pants and suit. that tee is so cute, but not "cutesy", which i love.

    and i love tom ford for gucci and ysl. sometimes i think we are on the same wavelength, ive been reminiscing about tom ford a lot lately. (cant wait to see bond's suits tomorrow!)

    i love the kimonos from that collection! and wasnt that the one with that ad with the "G"...

  9. H of Candid Cool - Haha! Yes it is! I have that picture too, but thought I'd keep this blog PG if possible, in case some relative or someone stumbles across it :) I love that shot though, because one of the kimonos is featured in it. That collection was to-die-for, certainly miss his work for Gucci & YSL!

    PS. I also love that the tee is cute but not cutesy...I'm too old to pull-off cutesy..

    la clocharde - Gracias! I did read that Tom Ford was directing a movie...but how I wish he'd return to fashion! Thank you for stopping by & commenting here :)

    Thanks diamondsinchampagne & j@modishchick!

    claudia - concordo, super fun ;)

  10. when they had the nan kempner exhibit, she had some of kimonos from this collection too.

  11. you look great! bothe outfits are lovely..

  12. =O =O I can't decide on which outfit i love more! they're both stunning, i love the harem pants with the tuxedo jacket a very nice contrast, i might pull out my blazer to wear now, you've given me some inspiration =]

  13. Thanks Merily, the stylish wanderer & saray!

    Madame Dior - Thanks! :) Aren't blazers great? I used to live in mine, and have so many, as I love them so much (sadly I can only still fit a few of them at the moment).

    I was glad it was cool enough last night for me to wear this one, it seems like the temperature change is from one extreme to another, so that I seem to have missed out on wearing jackets/blazers altogether!

  14. i LOVE the mickey mouse outfit !!! it is so cool and chic !!! neutral colours and sequins.
    i never expected harem pants could be so elegant !!!
    i would love to wear such an elegant outfit !!!

  15. i love both outfits, but second is better :) i think i may need to buy something with sequins ;)

  16. Thanks for the lovely comments capuccinob, DYDWD & escritora!

  17. always stunning...
    xoxo from las vegas

  18. also, lovvvvvve the pic in tuxedo jacket and harem pants, you look fabulous!!!
    kisses from las vegas

  19. At least you have something to look forward to when you return to Melbourne! :)

    I would love to exchange links! You're on my blogroll now. :)

    Hope you're having a fab weekend...

  20. Gosh I loved Tom Ford at Gucci too. Sigh. It was perfection - so strong and sexy and classic all at once.

    Can't believe how well you pull off harem pants, you look like a french mag editor or something! and your swarovski bracelet is beautiful.
    I also love how you inject quirky elements into your look like your mickey mouse tee and ice cube ring :)

  21. I loved all those Gucci ads. And your pants are so chic!

  22. love the monochrome look. You wear those harem pants really well. I could never.. :(

    That skin tone dress is quite covetabl isn't it?!

  23. Thanks for your lovely comments KD, porcelaineblonde, coco, & lisa.!

    Thanks i.d.! Same to you ;)

  24. Love these outfits--you look fantastic.
    I don't know about Tom Ford...his ads always push the envelope...

  25. i would love to trade links, and your clothes are stunning!

  26. Both looks are lovely, but I especially love the second look, that t-shirt and well every piece is just fabulous! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment, by the way! ;)


  27. i swear to god i commented on this post, and it's not here. damn, it was a long one too (aren't they always)?? i want to thankyou first of all for all your lovely comments about my formal outfit.. little self conscious me is blushing to herself right now, and if i can find any more (good) photos i will most definitely post them, especially because i want other like-minded people to see my full dress.

    you look fabulous here! the blazer. the vintage one that i bought it good, although i love the satin lapels and it's velvet!! Oh wow, one of my favourite fabrics. i am incredibly jealous right now. you have such wonderful clothes, and you pair them so well! the harem pants look fantastic with the blazer.

    And speaking of jealousy, i replied to your comment on my post, but here it is again... NINA RICCI! OLIVIER THEYSKENS! *hyperventilates* i am dying right now, i am so so so envious of you and your wonderful wardrobe. what i would give to get a peek inside at all the beautiful clothes... have you ever thought of doing that? opening your wardrobe for us fashion-crazed bloggers and showing us all? oooh if you do you HAVE to do shoes and handbags too! hehe.

    but back to the dress, i can't wait for you to wear it. purple is such a lovely colour isn't it? i just love my dress... well it's actually a skirt and a long top, which is so good because it means that i can pair them separately with other things. i can't wait to wear the top again, it is so flattery and so lovely to wear. feels like heaven against my skin haha!

    oh and i miss tom ford for gucci too, the advertising was just so provocative (in a good way) and very very sexy. very gucci, it must be said. gucci is very boring now, in my opinion.

    and you got vogue uk! yes! how great is it? i loved the dinner party section, the tim walker ed, and also the nick knight ed... actually, i loved it all. such a fantastic issue.

    much love! thanks again for all the lovely comments! hope you have a nice day!

  28. icon & susanna-cole - thank you for your lovely comments!

    the clothes horse - thanks! I do agree with Tom Ford pushing the envelope with his ad campaigns, and there was one picture from the series above that I refrained from posting, in trying to keep this space PG *insert embarrassed face*

    hrose - Yes! Got the UK Vogue! Hooray! Haven't had the chance to sit and read it carefully yet, must do so asap!

    I agree re: Gucci, I haven't been excited about it for years! Probably since Tom Ford left, the same is true with Chloe ( & Phoebe Philo).

    Re: Your dress - 2 pieces! Even better! I love the versatility that affords, and mixing/matching them in various ways is the fun part, such a gorgeous shade, and suits your colouring beautifully! I totally relate to the self-consciousness issue, as I am terribly so (have always hated photos of myself, and now that I'm heavier, hate them SO much more!). At first didn't want to post pictures of myself, but couldn't figure out how to share my outfits otherwise...

    Re: Wardrobe-tour? Hm...It's getting so packed now that I'm not sure one could see much in a picture... my jackets portion is under control, might try that one Hm...they're all kept in their boxes, bags? That's probably do-able, I don't have that many, I don't think...Will figure something out ;)

    How I enjoy our 'conversations', thank you so much your generous compliments! :)

  29. i heart ur outfit!
    the micky mouse t is super coote!

  30. Adorei as joias, vc sempre tao chic! A calca saruel + a camiseta do Mickey ficou superdespojado, lindo!

  31. you are that classy girl!

    a kiss!!!

  32. I love your outfit in the 3rd picture!!! OMG there are no words.

  33. amber, song of style - Thank you so much! :)

    Mr Style - Merci beacoup!

    kira - Muito obrigada!

    romeika - Muito obrigada tambem! Adoro ler seus comentarios, pois meu portugues esta tao enferrujado! 'Superdespojado' em uma palavra que nao tenho visto em...15 anos! xx

  34. tom ford era in gucci was spectacular! i totally agree with you about missing him.