Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bamboo, Graffiti Walls and a peek at my Melbourne purchases

I almost purchased this Akira Isogawa silk dress with blue bamboo (not pink). I furtively took a picture of it in the change room but it turned out blurry. The bamboo is hand-painted and I loved the feel of it, but because of the delicate (and white) silk, and the fact that it was sheer, I realized that although the all-blue silk/wool version was simpler, it was more versatile, and could be worn with anything anywhere.
PICTURE: In the changeroom of the Akira store (where I also bought my wedding dress from), top left: my Dries Van Noten beaded/sequinned shirt dress and Willow blue silk coat/dress, on pink stool: Burberry red Manor bag, Tom Binns Faux Real cuff)

Melbourne's arquitecture is so beautiful and has a European feel to it. I wish I had taken photos of the beautiful Melbourne streets. Another interesting side of Melbourne I hadn't noticed earlier in my previous visits, was the amazing graffiti art found in little alleys (although the one above was not the best by far).

A close-up of the sequinned band of my Dries Van Noten sheer black blouse.

I came home with the intention to have a play with my Melbourne purchases, but have a killer headache, so just photographed a 'teaser'. I am already thinking of the different things I will wear with this Akira silk (with a touch of wool) dress, especially with lots of colourful accessories...I am toying with the idea of trying a DIY colourful Dries Van Noten-inspired necklace, but like many projects, may sit in my 'ideas' box. I love that it feels like I'm wearing nothing whilst wearing this dress, it is so soft, light & comfortable!


  1. =o to the Akira dress!! It's stunning, and the royal blue dress is just as beautiful =[ soooo envious right now! Can't wait for shots of the Dries Van Noten blouse =]

  2. What a tease!!! That blue Akira has so much promise, you can wear it any way you can think possible.

    P.S. If you do manage to do a DIY DVN-inspired bangle necklace, do show it here. I can't stop thinking about it since seeing it here. How much was it, btw, if u don't mind?

  3. i am happy to know you had a great week end in melbourne, seing such beautiful places and clothing.
    i can't wait to see how you will wear and accessorize the gorgeous akira dress (love the colour and shape).
    the picture of the graffiti wall is so great, i love the vibrant colours that match your jacket perfectly :)

  4. so cool!

    LOve those two dresses, the first one has amazing details and prints that i love :)

    a kiss!!

  5. so beautiful. the pink bamboo is beautiful, i cant wait to see the blue one. also what's the beaded little number off to the side. and your bag looks great.

    and AMAZING photo of you by the graffiti wall

  6. H of Candid Cool - Thanks! :) Unfortunately I ended up leaving the blue 'bamboo' silk dress behind, even the sales assistant encouraged me to do so (she agreed the all-blue dress was more versatile), saying I could always call her and she'd send it to me (she's great, I bought my wedding dress from her and in this store!). The 'beaded number' on the left is the Dries Van Noten dress I wore that day, perhaps I'll take some retrospective outfit pics :)

    rdp - The DVN necklace was $995 (the dress I tried with it was more, but I can't remember the price now), but I wouldn't see myself wearing it that much, as it sat too high. Am wondering what how I'd make a 'toned down' version (I love the colours!)

    madame dior Thanks! :) The DVN blouse is quite simple, but after seeing all these DVN pieces I'm liking the 'simple' look with over-the-top colourful accessories (which has always been my thing, I suppose, I have lots of colourful necklaces :))

    DYDWD - Thanks! Haha! Didn't realise my jacket 'matched' the graffiti, the graffiti colours were incredible & bold, wish I had taken more pictures!

    kira - Obrigada! Pena que nao comprei o primeiro vestido...era transparente, e acho que nao era versatil como o azul pleno que comprei.

  7. i just found your site, and I fell in love immediately..

  8. Aw, thank you so much elin.e! You've brightened my day! :)