Thursday, January 15, 2009

Buenos Aires - Part III: Recoleta & Senor Tango

Recoleta's 'El Cemiterio'

Alvear Palace Hotel:

Wearing the red flower necklace from my previous post, that I bought in San Telmo, with my Akira blue silk/cotton dress. We had a lovely high tea to celebrate hubby's birthday at Alvear Palace Hotel's L'Orangerie (this hotel is Buenos Aires' Waldorf Astoria, it was gorgeous!). For 90 pesos (it was about US$30) you get a beautiful high-tea (the Alvear blend of tea was unreal, and I'm not that big on teas ) with a delightful Kir Royal (subtract 10 pesos if you don't want this beautiful glass of champagne with sirop de cassis)

Senor Tango:

This isn't Recoleta, but I had to show you my sister wearing one of the silk reversible wrap skirts/dresses I bought from Puntos en el Espacio,the pop of blue from my sister's 'dress' is the 'other' side of the silk skirt/dress (the pink side has a beautiful tie-dye effect, and the blue side has a subtle print that isn't shown in the picture).

Senor Tango is 'the most amazing Tango show in Buenos Aires' (or so some locals confirmed this recommendation from someone we met at a restaurant). It was absolutely spectacular! US$100 gets you dinner & show, but we just went for the Tango show for US$30, and the music, the orchestra, the dancing, the singing...just amazing! I highly recommend it, so if you go to Buenos Aires, be sure to check them out at Shame the picture is so blurry, or you could see the feather headband I bought in Buzios, RJ (Brazil), as well as the single-flower blue-version of the red flower necklace from San Telmo from my previous post.


  1. i love that blue dress on you! and that staircase is amazing!!! wow!!

  2. the pic of you and your sister is just lovely, i love both your outfits: the silk wrap is stunning, relaly, and the pink and that blue go perfectly together. what a colour combination! i really need to experiment more with colour, your blog tells me. i'm much to safe, i stick to crimsons, creams, blacks and greys. seize the day!

    i love high tea, i think it is the most important meal of the day. seriously. :) and why would you not get the kir royal? delicious! do you get tea and a kir royal though? because just the kir might be not enough.

    thankyou so much for your tips, i really have taken them to heart and now have a million and 1 things to do when i get to london, paris and new york. i've done a lot of the sight seeing stuff before, i want this trip to really be a 'me getting to know' each city on my own terms hahahah is that sounding silly? i'm so excited it's crazy. i've already packed so i'm on my reserve wardrobe of all my 'not quite good enough' clothes, or the too summery clothes. i imagine to a random bystander i look very weird.


  3. Aw you guys look gorgeous!

    I love the spiral staircase - see my post earlier this week, lol! xx

  4. Great to have you back again, sweetie, and happy 2009 to you too! Very nice photos, and you and your sister are wearing gorgeous dresses xox

  5. beautiful pictures !!!
    the pic in the stairs is amazing.
    i love the contrast between the blue dress and the red flowers.

  6. I love Argentina!!!
    I went to Sr. Tango and it was just awsome!!!
    Amazing pics that you did!!! I can´t wait the time to be back at argentina...I love that city!

    a kiss and a big hug,


  7. That shot on the staircase is amazing! Great use of perspective.

  8. Adorei a foto na escadaria:-) Nossa, que viagem maravilhosa deve ter sido, hein? Aguardo os posts sobre o Brasil;-)

  9. What beautiful photos! Ay, como me quiero ir a Buenos Aires!

  10. Lovely photos. Your outfit is delightful! I love the color contrast and definitely dig that necklace.

  11. amazing dress

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  13. How incredible! Amazing pictures. I'd love to visit Buenos Aires, it's definitely on my list.

  14. whew, you could get dizzy looking at that picture of you standing alongside the spiral staircase. And yes, Buenos Aires! I miss it! Went to eat at a Uruguayan
    Grill last night in remembrance of.

  15. H of CC - Thanks! Isn't that staircase amazing! Shame the photo is a bit blurry, I must've moved, was worried someone would 'bust us' and say we weren't supposed to be there...haha!

    hrose - Thanks! As I wrote on your blog, the high tea included the amazing Alvear tea blend (there was a page-full to choose from), as well as the Kir Royal, 3 tiers of gorgeous little patisseries, a fancy sandwich dish AND a piece of dessert you choose from the cart. We shared one tea between the two of us and was stuffed! I look forward to hearing all about your trip ;)

    the stylish wanderer - Thx!

    i.d. - Haha! Checked your earlier post, I've also always been fascinated with spiral staircases!

    sunniva - Thank you so much!

    Thx deep in vogue, Tamia, v, pretty portobello, the clothes horse, andrea & Ana!

    DYDWD - Merci beacoup!

    Kira - Muito obrigada!

    Romeika - Ah sim, a viagem foi uma delicia! Tao triste que passou tao rapidamente!

    Altamira - Thanks for stopping by my humble blog! :) I would love to see the photos you took of Buenos Aires! And I'm jealous of your Uruguayan meal. There's no Brazilian/Uruguayan restaurant where I live (the so called 'Argentinian' restaurant is not quite authentic, but does do the trick from time to time...)

  16. Wow, that staircase reminds me of a sea shell, nice pictures!

  17. Recoleta has all the good qualities that a neighborhood can have, combined in one. Luxury, class, style, fashion are the key components of this part of BA. Last year I rented one of those Buenos Aires apartments. I was close to the Recoleta Cementery (impressive). I was also close to this pub called "Locos x el Futbol" which is great since it is a bar where everything is related to soccer, very original. I had the best time!