Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's getting hot in here...

The weather has been in the high 30's and sometimes 40's (ie. around 100 Fahrenheit) since I returned from my South American holiday, which means I've been trying to chill by the pool or at the beach, or indoors whenever possible...

Wore this to my friends' 3-year old's birthday party (which was great fun!):

T-shirt: Sass & Bide 'A little peace' Jagger tee
Shorts: Stella McCartney
Belt: Alice McCall silk crystal bow belt
Bag: Burberry patent clutch
Shoes: Stella McCartney black pumps
(shown below)
Jewellery: Crystal bracelet from Bauhaus

Burberry patent clutch:

As a large-bag fan, I've always resisted clutches as I can barely fit anything in them, but I thought it was time for my first 'proper' clutch, and got it last December.

Please excuse the terrible hair day

Out for drinks at a local pub with friends, was in a 'Resort' mood:

: Tigerlily white&red striped with lace straps halterneck worn under
Blouse: Vanessa Bruno cotton-voile top (better pic here)
Shorts: Stella McCartney
Belt: Dries Van Noten
Bag: Burberry Manor
Shoes: White buckle shoes with red heel (purchased 5 years ago in Brazil, still love these, and had to buy them twice, as they were stolen the first time, minutes after I bought it!)

Sunday drinks with friends (was happy chilling at home, but had my arm 'twisted' to come out to a nearby bar for way too much French bubbly...I had 5 minutes, so added some accessories to my comfy 'lounge at home' outfit)

: Sportsgirl beaded silk camisole (used to be a dress, but I didn't like the asymmetrical hem and so 'altered' it)
Dress: Ilana Moses silk dress (it's actually a gorgeous deep purple colour)
Belt: Calibre (men's) belt
Shoes: Dior Extreme Pythons
Jewellery: Tom Binns Faux Real cuff & large stone ring from Buenos Aires
Bag: Chloe large brown leather bracelet bag


  1. oi!! adorei o cinto de strass em forma de laço!!! bjs!

  2. Olá!!!

    Amo o seu closet, completamente estrelado de grifes maravilhosas!!! Estas sandálias do Brasil são de que loja? Super a cara do verão daqui ;) E lindo em vc!

    Amei as produções!
    Mil beijos e abraços!!!

  3. i like your hair in these pictures :)
    such a perfect outfit to wear to a kid's bday party. they must have loved you, with all the sparkles :) that belt and tee are amazing!!

    and i love the last chloe bag.

    i cant believe it's so hot there!
    every year i wonder how i survive the summers.

  4. absolutely fantastic!
    i love the last one outfit :) especially shoes ;)

  5. I know it's been WAY too hot, intolerable!

    I love how you altered the Sportsgirl dress into a cami - ingenious! xx

  6. oooh love you accesories... those last shoes along with that clutch!

  7. I'm in love with that belt! it's amazing!

  8. Claudia & Kira - Muito obrigada! Nao me lembro a loja donde comprei os sapatos, mas a loja nao esta mais la (em SJC). Que pena!

    H of candid cool - I felt like a disco ball when in the car on the way to the party, the interior was all glittering from the reflections! I felt like a kid myself :)

    escritora, i.d., icon, bucca & she's dressing up - Thanks! Re: bow belt, I loved it so much when it came out a few years ago that I also bought it in silver/grey. Occasionally (more recently) I use the pair to hold up the ivory curtains in the guest room, haha!

  9. those dior heels are TOO fabulous!!

    & that bow belt is really cute

    great blog,dear!

  10. The sparkly outfit is perfect for a birthday party! I really, really envy your belt there.

  11. oooh the strass shirt i love matches perfectly the bow belt !!!
    the "bermuda" make the outfit look so cool !!!

  12. Great outfits. drooling over your dior shoes!

  13. Great looks. I love your collection of belts, especially the bow one.

  14. first outfit is very cute!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  15. Love the sass & bide shirt !

  16. Love the glitter bow belt! It's too cute. x

  17. that belt is sooooooooooooo beauitful! love it

  18. the bday outfit was so festive!

  19. Amei o cinto!!! Muito lindo!
    Por favor venha me visitar tbm.
    Eu tenho um fashion blog inspirado por Portobello Road, Londres.
    Espero que vc goste.
    Ate mais!

  20. I am in love with your crystal bow belt, it's stunning!

  21. your mickey mouse outfit is so darn cute you have inspired me... i have an outfit in mind now---mickey mouse tee + fabulous skirt with loads of jewelry and heels haha (also an inspiration from one of kira's latest posts---that look is undeniably cute)... thank you! love your blog! i was missing your outfit posts when you went on vacation although i did enjoy the scenic photographs just as much... lovely:)

  22. song of style & prettygeeky - Thx! I feel I must use the grey version of it soon :)

    eri - Muito obrigada! Visitei teu blog e te dei um alo ;)

    xs - Haha, that's what I thought...one of the only places I could get away with so much 'bling' (outfit was made complete with a gorgeous purple baloon tied to my wrist, hovering way above my head...)

    frou flou - Thanks! Ooh! I hope we get to see a pic ;)

  23. i love the blue, red and white outfit! reminds me of our trip to Greece last year.
    i love your style, darling! =)