Friday, January 23, 2009

Thakoon Peony Petal Blouse & Toni Maticevski

Top: Thakoon silk petal blouse
Toni Maticevski silk tulle tea-stained layered skirt
: Chanel ballet pump stiletto heels

Belt: Anna Sui rhinestone gold belt

Top: Thakoon petal silk blouse
: Sass & Bide Harem pants

Belt: Alannah Hill floral silk belt
Shoes: Mauve-pink suede perspex wedge sandals I bought in Brazil 8 years ago
Bracelet: Tom Binns Faux Real cuff

This Thakoon silk top has been sitting in my wardrobe since last year and has never been used. Everytime I would try it on, I felt 'too girly' in it. If only I lived in Alix's (The Cherry Blossom Girl) magical world, I would wear it with a flower tiara and the outfit pictured here.

Instead, I have decided to bite the bullet, and bring it with me to Melbourne this weekend (I am off first thing tomorrow morning). I will wear it in my not-so-girly outfit with my trusty (& comfy) S&B Harem pants. Even though I am going there to attend the Australian Open (tennis), I will try to squeeze some shopping in if possible.


I love this silk tulle skirt by Australian designer Toni Maticevski, this being from my favourite (and earlier) collection of his. I love the tea-stained colouring, the multi-layer light-as-air silk, and delicate pleating.

Also, I have been a fan of Thakoon Panichgul (Thai-born American designer) since seeing his first collection in 2004, in particular his jackets. In this Spring 2007 collection, featuring this peony-inspired blouse, the collection displayed simple shapes but with incredible ruffles & pleating, which I just loved.

For those in Australia, hope you have a great long weekend, hip hip hooray for Australia Day!


  1. What a gorgeous outfit. I LOVE that skirt & it looks just stunning with that top too... Beautiful!

  2. Nossa, que linda!!!
    Esta saia é um sonho e ficou ainda mais maravilhosa com este blusa! Arrasou, princesa mesmo!!!

    Mil beijos e parabéns pela linda produção!


    not in my size. there was a tear shed, i kid you not. all this beautiful dries van noten stuff, think gorgeous cardigans in multi-coloured knits and full skirts in the lightest of taffetas, all in teensy weensy hong kong sizes. I AM STRESSED OUT SHOPPING HERE!

    i mean, i've touched up the vanessa bruno until the sales assistants dragged me away drooling (nothing in my size, only O's and 1's), the lanvin, the beautiful BEAUTIFUL NINA RICCI!!!! (too expensive haha), the alexander wang and the thakoon (love that pink top by the way! love it!) and all this marni stuff.

    i bought a great marni bag today actually heavily heavily reduced at AU$640.. i mean that's practically giving it away considering its lambskin leather. so beautiful in bottle green.

    but the clothes! i'm talking incredibly low prices in incredibly small sizes. damn you thin asian women! i'm so depressed by all this stuff.

    but yeah, thought you might like to know about the strappy DVNs... the ones you tried to get on the internet i think, well, they have them here on sale, in like size 36, which i could fit one toe into probably haha... i couldn't even fit my hand into the shoe. that's how small it was. :)

    hope you are well!


  4. you look beautiful.
    and that tulle skirt is lovely!

  5. You look amazing - what a fab blouse!!


  6. THe blouse is so pretty! You wear it so damn well :)

  7. The skirt is simply divine...

  8. Ooh, love the harem pants! Looks great with the top.

  9. I love that top paired with the harem pants! So unique and unexpected.

    It looks dreamy and whimsical with the tulle skirt too though. Fabulous!

  10. That blouse is so pretty! I wish I lived in Alix's world too...or at least had her around to make me feel less strange in mine if I wore a tiara every day. :)

  11. The top is so pretty and the skirt is to die for! You look beautiful in all of your pictures. Love the lighting in the second picture.

  12. Oh sweetie, you look so gorgeous in these photos! I love how you've taken inspiration from those two lovely outfits :) xoxox

  13. Bambola - Thank you so much!

    Kira - Muito obrigada! :)

    hrose - OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am SO INCREDIBLY jealous! What a huge shame I'm not a 36 either (nor anywhere near HK). But the DVN clothes!!! On sale! *sigh* So jealous of your Marni balloon bag! The leather on it is divine! And green too! Can't stress how jealous I am! I went to Belinda and bought the 'simple' version of the strappy shoes as a 'consolation prize' (I'll post a pic tonight), not as incredible as the multicoloured sandals, but I couldn't risk not getting these...And such a shame about the skinny asian women! I thought I'd have a chance if I ever went over, as I thought the 0 & 1's would have sold out, and the larger sizes would be reduced drastically as there aren't any asian women of my size over there (yes, I agree that they are crazy skinny over there!). Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!!

    H of CC, Couture Carrie, yiqin, susie bubble, xs, tamia, cara, DYDWD, sunniva, the clothes horse, amee - Thank you for all your lovely comments! xx

    nao somos apenas rostinhos bonitos - Muito obrigada!

  14. I absolutel love that skirt~ Can you take a picture of you standing up? I would love to see the full effect of the top and skirt!

    again just gorgeous!!!!

    love your blog.

  15. Beautiful. I love the soft feminine look.

  16. Beautiful, love the overload of femininity! That skirt is just plain gorgeous, like wearing a cloud.

  17. wilkie - Thx! It's currently too hot (the top would melt onto my body, haha), but will try to take a pic sometime ;) said...

    Thanks WendyB! said...

    Ashley L. & MizzJ - Thanks! :)

  18. Nice outfit. Love it:-)

  19. A primeira foto eh linda, q roupa maravilhosa, amei.

  20. Such a lovely outfit! The skirt is stunning and should definitely wear that lovely silk top more often.

    Thanks so much for your comments, and would be happy to exchange -- let me know when you update your links, and will do the same.