Monday, January 19, 2009

I am blue...

I am blue, for in the past week I have 'purchased' two separate items from two different online stores, only to be told a few days later that the item was sold out, and hence unable to purchase them. Funnily enough, both items were 'blue'.
First item was a beautiful and elegant Tom Binns cuff I 'purchased' from Browns as a 30th birthday present for my sister E. It's her birthday today (Feliz Aniversario E!!!). I was so sad to hear I couldn't give her this present, as I was so excited about it, and was already picturing it with the gorgeous Vera Wang dress she'll be wearing at her masquerade party this Saturday:

The second item, I 'purchased' on Thursday, checked my credit card on the weekend and saw that the amount was deducted from my account, so thought it was smooth sailing this time. 4 days later, and I have just read my email, telling me they have sold out of these multicoloured Dries Van Noten sandals in my size, and whether I would like to purchase them in 2 sizes bigger (uhm...thanks, thanks):

Oh well, I suppose it wasn't meant to be (but am still upset/angry/sad/frustrated)...


  1. oi!!! puxa, que pena! é decepcionante mesmo... fico feliz que tenha gostado das suas férias aqui no rio... quem sabe na próxima, com mais tempo, não nos conhecemos?
    ah, tem presente p/vc aqui:
    espero que o seu ano novo seja maravilhoso! bjs!!!

  2. bem, para o Your blog is fabulous!, as regras são:
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    Linkar a pessoa que lhe deu o selinho;
    Publicar as regras;
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    o selo pePPer inFashion é um presente p/os amigos – basta levar c/vc!
    bjs, querida!

  3. the jewellery is gorgeous, just gorgeous, and i'm so sad that you didn't get it because it looks perfect. what a lovely colour, really, i don't wear much blue myself, but it has always been one of my favourite colours along with red. :)

    and the shoes, well.... i can't believe they debited your account, but then they had sold out. that's incredibly bad manners! getting a bit ahead of yourself browns...

    but they're so beautiful! i'm so saddened for you!


  4. hey there's something wrong with the second pic. the DVN's arent loading. i want to seeeeee them!!

    ps. happy bday to your sis :)
    what did you get her instead of the tom binns cuff?

  5. ugh! i hate that!! happened to me, i ordered, a few days later, they tell me its sold out.

    hopefully it's because something better is in store for you ;)

  6. Hello,
    Very happy to discover your site !
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  7. This is such a coincidence! I ordered both as well (the shoes in the green combo) and they deducted money. I emailed them constantly to find out when they were going to ship out my items. 2 weeks later they refund my money and apologize that both were sold out. I have never been so disappointed with Browns Fashion.

  8. Bummers! That happened to me while I shopped for Christmas presents from J. Crew. About a week after I placed my order, I got several emails on separate days to inform me that several items were unavailable. I was so disappointed. I ended up scrambling to figure out what alternate gifts I could get.

  9. ooohhh "pas de chance" :(
    i guess you are disappointed ...

  10. I love the first belt! You are very stylish :)

  11. what a shame. those sandals were awesome.