Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011 Pt 6: Chanel, Valentino & Alexander McQueen,


Feminine and glamorous need not be over the top:


It is funny, in this collection I found some outfit and pieces truly ugly and incredibly unflattering (obviously I did not pick them to be included here), and wonder what is going through Karl Lagerfeld's head (although he still received rave reviews, so I am probably the only one that thinks so). Although I was not a fan of the rolled hems on the pants (if it does not look good on the super tall models, what luck do us mere mortals have) and footwear, I did like a lot of the collection, the first outfit worn by Freja being my favourite:

Alexander McQueen



  1. McQueen still continues to be so beautiful. I never doubted Sarah. Is it strange that I can imagine Giovanna B in the green leather trench and snakeskin boots from Valentino? I have not really liked a Chanel runway show in quite some time, I think I sort of like this one.

  2. McQueen is stunning. Sarah and McQueen definitely were very much insync! Chanel is meh... would definitely be going vintage as opposed to latest seasons.