Thursday, July 5, 2012

Casual Shoes and Non-Mumsy Mommy Style

My friend Z and I go way back, back to the days you'd find us dancing at 4am to cool tunes spun by a DJ, instead of waking for a crying baby, back in the days we used to party away for hours on end in 4"+ heels, instead of attending kids birthday parties in flat shoes. She probably doesn't remember this, but one of the first times we 'hung out', Z peered into a store window and sighed longingly: "Ooh, how I loooooove shoes"! Back then, I didn't (I know! Can you believe it? That's how far back we go!), but I sure have made up for lost time! Anyway, apologies for my rambling/reminiscing...

As a 'mom', I now find that sadly, my 4+ inch heels hardly see the light of day, brought out only for dinner/dates (i.e. a rare occurrence) and haircuts (well, when else do Lil J(s) get babysat?).

Z (mom to a gorgeous little 1 1/2 yr-old girl) recently asked me where she could find nice casual shoes, so I thought I'd pool a few options, keeping Z's style in mind (which to me is cool and casual effortless, not faddy or frou-frou girly)...

These shoes are not just for 'moms', obviously:


I really like these sneakers below, they are simple, casually elegant, a fresh twist to a classic shape, and I can picture them with a variety of outfits, from jeans to Summer dresses:

Pointer KC Lace Up Chambray Sneakers (and at under $100, a great price too!)

Cinzia Araia - these might be a little 'different' - but I really like the look of these sneakers! Price is a little steeper, but these are more of a statement shoe. My favourites are the blue, red and 'nude'.

Toni Grey Hi-Top Sneakers/Trainers (on sale for a mere £15.00!) and Topshop Aerobic Wedge Trainers/Sneakers in Pale Pink (which you may know, I have in both the Ecru and Black below - I am a fan of the hidden wedge!)

Topshop Aerobic Wedge Trainers/Sneakers in Ecru and Black

Ballet Flats

Up until recently I was mostly using ballet flats, and they are still a firm favourite with many:

J Crew Ballet Boutique (J crew has ballet flats in a rainbow of colours)

Sambag Juliet Ballet Flat (sadly the only one available in our size is the nude/spearmint pair) - all reduced to a mere $90!

However, you can also find Lanvin flats on sale at several online stores at the moment, and Lanvin flats are agreed by most (I am in agreeance), to be one of the best ballet flats out there:

Lanvin Orange Ballet Flats, Lanvin Two Tone Leather Ballet Flat and Lanvin Light Brown Leather Flats (these are all on sale at net-a-porter)


Flat boots are an option Z is considering, but they have to be versatile enough to be worn in Summer as well, so I thought of these boots below. Even though the Dicker and Pistol boots have a heel, they are relatively low, and I hear they are both very comfy (the Isabel Marant Dicker boots in particular, I opted for my Rag & Bone Newbury boots instead, as I am too scared to use suede, I seem to get them dirty by just looking at them!)

Isabel Marant Dicker Suede Boots and Acne Pistol Boots in Black

Acne Pistol Boots in Cognac and Pale Mocha (I found the Acne Pistol Boots cheapest for you at My Wardrobe, but the Pale Mocha is only available at Net-a-Porter)

Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Booties in Blue Canvas, Grey leather, Chilli, and Black (I have used my black pair a lot).

Isabel Marant Jenny boots (these are sold out everywhere! I can't seem to find any available in our size - Z and I are the same shoe size) - I have seen pictures of these with all sorts of outfits, from jeans to feminine dresses, and it looks great with everything! If I found these in my size I'd consider risking wearing suede, they look fab!)

You can click on any picture or describing caption to lead you to the page you can purchase these shoes from (except for the Isabel Marant Jenny boots)

Please feel free to share any suggestions you may have in your comments below!


  1. Love this post! And love shoes too! I'm not a mother yet (as much as my BF's mum would like us to start popping out babies), but I too live in flat and low heeled shoes, so this is all very inspiring. Both the Pistols and the Dickers are my all time favorites and I can 100% vouch for both styles' comfort. Furthermore, I have noticed that the R&B Newbury boots are coming out in a knee high style this coming F/W season - On my wish list already. Do you find the Newbury ankle boots true to size?
    Can I say also, don't be afraid of suede... opt for a darker colour so that you can trash them so too speak. x

  2. Hi K!

    Yes, despite reading LOADS of reviews on the Newbury's as to them running small to size, I bought them in my usual size, and can still wear them with socks (even relatively thick socks, and even whilst I was 9-10 months pregnant), and I have wide feet too! Thx for the tip on suede!


  3. So, oops, to answer your Q, yes, I find they run TTS :)

  4. I cannot believe it's been that long!!! Those nights are long gone. Thanks for the scoop CC. Love love love the chambray pair, Cinzia Araia (one in every colour please!) and here's the kicker - I've been eyeing off the Acne and Rag and Bone boots for ages, and you have just confirmed what I should buy. Now to choose a colour. xx Z

  5. Wow, what an enormous shoe post!! :D Shoe heaven! At the moment I also "live" in Lanvin flats, wedge sneakers (both Topshops and Betty's by Marant), the classic Converse and the Dicker Boots (both in camel and taupe suede). The Dicker boots came in a very dark taupe suede this year - you might find them interesting. Great wear, comfortable - the perfect casual boots for every day. I really like the Cinzia Araia pairs! Cool vibe! Oh - and funny you picked the Acne Pistol Short Boots in Black and Beige as I own them in exact these two colors - I can highly recommend them, too. Happy Tuesday!! Sof xx

  6. ^ What a shoe collection S! :) xx