Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recent Buy: Chloe Susanna studded boots - Christmas in July?

Ok, so I know most of you voted black (instead of red) in this thread, but the black sold out completely in all sizes in the store I was going to buy them from, so I snapped the red pair before they could sell out too. At first I told myself I was just going to try them out for size, try them with a few outfits, and make sure they were wearable, versatile, flattering and worthwhile. Well, I did just that, and after doing so, I just couldn't let them go back...

They were 'christened' yesterday, and I got told twice that they looked Christmas-y! Hope I don't look like Santa's Little Helper...

Ok, don't laugh, but does this shot remind anyone else of the Wicked Witch's shoes poking out from under Dorothy's house in Wizard of Oz? A different take on the ruby red shoes perhaps?

you can find a pair here.

I am in love....

Ok, now I am trying to work out if there's a way of growing a money tree to save up pennies for a black pair.


  1. Love! I have the Zara version of the red boots, and I wear them even though I do look like Elvis.

  2. I don't like them in red but I'm curious about your looks!x

  3. I change my vote to red - I think they look better in your pics. No way could I afford them though!

  4. Love them I could never afford a pair either but hey I appreciate looking at them ;-)

  5. Amazing boots! Wish I could pull them off x Sushi

  6. The money tree you write about is called eBay ;)
    I'm sure there are many goodies in that wardrobe of yours which if you thought long and hard about could go to a new home if it meant getting to own the black ones.

  7. They look great! (and no, you don't look like Santa's little helper :)
    It's good to take a break from black from time to time. Red will look good with many colours too. You should definitely post more pictures wearing them :)

  8. How did you find the sizing?
    I have ordered a pair and I'm not sure I ordered the right size :-(

  9. Hi Karina, I sized down half a size, and they fit well like well with merino wool stockings and socks. However, I'm not sure if the latest 'batch' run the same way...HTH! And good luck ;)