Thursday, July 12, 2012

Obsession reignited: Chloe Susan or Susanna studded boots

I have been obsessed with these boots since they first appeared in the fashion scene in 2008 for Chloe's Pre-Fall 2008 collection (the original Susan boots, which were reissued last year). Now that I have been living in flat (or low-heeled) shoes, the obsession has been reignited full blast. Back then I was particularly enamoured with the red pair, but the practical side of me thinks the black might be more flattering? Unfortunately the black pair is sold out in my size from where I want to purchase them from, hm, decisions decisions...I still find the red absolutely beautiful.

The other issue is also whether these would suit my short & stumpy 5'4" figure, as Modediktat confirmed my suspicion that these may suit those blessed with a taller/slim figure. Although another friend recently tried them on and said they were incredibly flattering with both jeans and dresses (and she's my height, albeit much slimmer). I am also a bit confused about sizing, as I hear they run big (luckily the place I am thinking of buying them from has free returns).

pics via leblogdebetty
You can buy the black pair herehere, or in the silver studded version here; and the red pair here and here.

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If you own these, please do share pics, or what you wear them with, and what you love or don't love about them.

Off to sleep now, and try not to continue obsessing about them...


  1. I adore them - I have the Zara copies now in both red and black. I think the black is a little more flattering on my stumpy legs because it blends in with my black jeans...but I don't care cause I adore the red. Makes me feel like Elvis. He totally would have worn them with a jumpsuit.

  2. I have not voted because I like both!
    If you are mega obsessed with them maybe you should just get the red and then hang out for a black pair to materialize magically somewhere?

  3. If you decide to go for one pair I would say go for the black one :D
    Here's a link of another happy owner:

  4. love them

  5. I have the black ones in size EU 36. I normally wear Eu 37 and have normal to narrow feet. The recommendation is usually to go 1/2 size smaller but NAP recommended a full size down which I found to be more accurate for feet that are on the narrower side. Anyways, I want to let you know that I'm sellling mine and I even have them professionally rubber soled! I've only worn them 4 times since receiving them in April, so they are next to new. If EU 36 is the size you're looking for and you're interested, write to me and I'll send you pictures.

  6. Oh, how I wish I were a 37! I'm usually a size 38, so would need a 37.5 or 37 (although my feet aren't narrow, so probably 37.5). Thx Wendy!

  7. Oh that's too bad. Anyone else you know that maybe interested, tell them to drop me an email. Hope you find your coveted black pair.