Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guest post at Dream Sequins - Fannie Schiavoni

The lovely Deanne at Dream Sequins is away on holidays (lucky girl!), and generously offered me (and other bloggers) the opportunity to write a guest blog post, you can read mine here on the amazing Fannie Schiavoni...I want every single piece of hers, such gorgeous works of wearable art...

Thanks to Dianne of The Swelle Life for generously bestowing the 'Divine' award to me!

In adherence with this award, I must list my five guilty pleasures...drumroll please...

5. Taking pictures of food at restaurants. I get funny looks, and today at dinner the waitress asked me what my pictures were for (I also took a picture of the 'specials' on the board, and she thought I was an industrial restaurant spy, even though I'm on the VIP list and get emailed the specials anyway). I do not care (although I will blush furiously when asked, because I love taking the pictures and reliving my meal afterwards)

4. Singing along to music in my car (especially Carpenters, and 'Diva' music)

3. I also listen to an 'old people's' radio station most of the time (I do like the oldies), my friend is horrified and calls it a 'grandma' station...

2. Re-watching snippets of Twilight on my computer

1. And like Dianne's, my number guilty pleasure is shopping! And I get as excited in a good menswear/homewear/furniture/fine food store as I do at fashion stores for myself..

And now, I would like to pass on the award to these Divine bloggers:

1. Nathalie at Dress Your Day with Dreams (who's birthday is coming up soon!)

2. The Photodiarist

3. Romeika at A Room of One's Own

4. The Glamourai

5. Kira at Kirafashion


  1. #2 LOL!!! ive done this too, the shame!! LOL!

  2. guest posting whilst on holiday is a great idea x

  3. Love the Twilight confession-and your post was v inspiring! xx

  4. that top (?) in that first photo is AMAZING

  5. Congrats on your award and guest spot!

    Amen to #1!


  6. Congrats on your guest post and award! That award is pretty :)

  7. Thanks so much for your lovely guest post! I'm blown away by those Fannie Schiavoni pieces... And congrats on the award, too! You deserve all the accolades. xx

  8. Congrats on the award! I like your adventures in food photography- restaurant spy, lol : )




  10. I definitely love to sing along with the music in my car too. :)

  11. ouu i hope you get to go to japan too!!!!!
    oh i think you might appreciate this ;)

  12. Minha querida amiga!
    Que prazer e que honra receber um prêmio seu! A verdade, é que sou sua fã. Do seu estilo, da sua beleza, do seu closet...
    Muito obrigada por ser tão fofa comigo!

    Mil beijinhos e um fim de semana lindo para vc!

    PS - Segunda lhe retribuo a gentileza linda!

  13. Eu nao conhecia esta designer de acessorios, foi muito interessante ler o post, achei tudo lindo, um luxo:)

    Obrigado pelo premio, Clarice!:) Eu compartilho do primeiro guilty pleasure, mas felizmente, ninguem nunca me incomodou com perguntas hehehe Beijos e bom fim de semana!

  14. Hi Brigadeiro.
    This is such a great idea with the guest posts! And you did a great job;)
    The first picture is so stunning. Love the details!

    Happy Weekend to you!

  15. nice post ... always great to see the intimate revealing ... xx

  16. I read 3 of my younger sister's Twilights books while visiting her, so I had to buy the 4th when I got home. I bought a birthday card in addition to the book so the cashier would think it was a birthday gift, and I hid it from my husband when I got home! Such a guilty pleasure...emphasis on guilty!

  17. I did not know Fannie Schiavoni designs and have been delighted, especially the photo of the post is incredible and the visual effect changes the look completely. THANKS FOR THE INFO AND CONGRATS FOR YOUR AWARD, a muaaaa

  18. You totally deserve it, you are indeed divine!

    Don't blush but it's actually Denise. And don't worry, I get Diane all the time, and it's preferable to Denis! You can't imagine how many times I've been called Denis!

    I'm glad you don't let the stares at restaurants bother you, I adore your food posts. They can be quite torturous when I'm hungry and I only have what's left in the cupboard! ♥

  19. Oh thank you so much Brigareido !
    I will try to find guilty pleasures that won't shock my readers ;)

    Someone at Ladurée thought i was a spy or a food critic or somewhat :)