Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010: Day 8

Days 8 and 9 of PFW SS'10 were a little surprising: I found Louis Vuitton to be incredibly disappointing (am I the only one?), and for Day 9, as a usual Giles fan, I did not find much to love...But here were my favourites for Day 8:

RM by Roland Mouret

Wish I had close-ups of the amazing accessories...


Pleasantly surprised with Kenzo this season, plenty of elegant feminine wearable pieces...


Loved the 'Let's play tennis' vibe with a big dash of Hermes elegance...

Elie Saab

Of course...the draped dresses were my favourites.

Collette Dinnigan

Nothing terribly exciting, but her colourful ruffles reminded me of Stella McCartney's collection...


Loved the soft pretty prints and whimsical feel of this collection.


  1. i really think MJ is incredibly over-rated. many times it is down right awful.

    the necklaces @ RM look amazing. and saab looks good too.

  2. that first RM outfit was great. it really caught my eye on, and tao worked it on the runway! just love the idea of a deconstructed assymetrical trench dress... with killer necklaces.


  3. Happy sunny thursday, Brigadeiro.
    You always care so much about every collection which was shown!
    -RM by Roland Mouret
    oh yes.... the necklaces look great, wish to take a closer look, too ;)

    ooh,ooh, Kenzo;) the white long lace/ crochet dress is beautiful!

    -Elie Saab & Hermes
    both collections are so la-la to me
    (Do you say "la-la" also in English?;)

    - and last but not least Wunderkind
    share your opinion, the prints are so pretty (in red, in blue) and the collection has whimsical feel. I loved especially Wunderkind´s SS08 collection and this seems to be another fabulous one.

    Hugs to youuu...

  4. Love the first Kenzie dress and all the Elie Saabs! The RM jewelry do look stunning!

  5. I loooove the RM collection!
    And i can't believe your blog's name is Brigadeiro - I have some Brazilian friends who cooked me brigadeiros last summer and I loved them. Too bad that we don't have them in Spain!


  6. Like your choices from Collette Dinnigan. Especially the second to last dress with that eyelet panel.

  7. Roland does gorgeous things, and I love those nude Elie dresses xx

  8. I love Marc Jacobs, but LV is LV and Mj is MJ, not the same style..

    MAISON CHAPLIN, the internationally recognized most stylish and glam fashion blog by some fashion houses!


  9. Thorough and fabulous post, B! Love your selections, especially RM and Elie Saab...
    I was disappointed with LV too!


  10. WOWOW! I love this post! All these clothes are amazing! I love love love your blog!
    hope you can stop by mine!

  11. oh the hermes collection is clever isn't it with the theme? completely wearable too.

    i don't know what collette dinnigan was thinking with her choice of models. weird. that black dress is pretty nice though.

    i loved seeing the tsumori chisato collection on FTV last night too, trying to find some pics of it.

  12. RM's jewellery is striking. And a couple of the Colette Dinnigan dresses would be lovely for evening! : )

  13. Oh I completely agree on the LV collection, I think you have to be VERY open-minded to accept it. On the other hand, RM is surprisingly good. I love the exaggerated rectangular hip shapes and the stunning accessories.

  14. i loved the RM collection as well.

  15. Wow. The neck pieces at RM are incredible.

  16. OMG - I swear - I was scrolling down the screen and thought - HELL - could you read my mind?!?!? Are you standing next to me?!?! I've picked out the first three collections among my next favorites to come! HERMES is just terrific! Elie Saab's one shoulder gowns are perfection, nothing more nothing less. He is always among my favorites, so I'm not mentioning it any more ;)

  17. RM looks a bit like Lanvin meets YSL this season, especially in the shoes. It's beautiful, especially the necklaces, but the shoes must go.

  18. Amazing recap! I'm obsessed with the Elie Saab gowns! To die for! RM was also pretty fantastic!

  19. Kenzo is definitely my favorite of the bunch! Love the white jumper! So romantic and pretty! xoxoxo

  20. Nossa, tudo tao lindo!!!! I love the caged shoes/sandals in the Mouret show, really pretty.

    re:Clarice, obrigado pelos comentarios sempre tao doces:) Beijos!

  21. Hi dear-- the prints and the draping of those Wunderkind pieces are Wunderful (lol couldn't resist). Thank you so much for your wonderful comment about my wedding anniversary post. It really means a lot to me coming from you!

    BTW, I am oh so looking forward to your guest post next week. It is so amazing that I wish I could post it RIGHT NOW.

    xx D

  22. i love ur blog... very inspiring.. i save ur images... =) really love it!

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  24. Kenzo's silhouettes are beyond amazing!

  25. I'm in love with the two last dresses from Ellie Saab! And you have such a wonderful blog!

  26. These are all very inspiring looks. Also, I know this is a bit unrelated, but I love your playlist. I've been listing to it over and over again for the entire day!


  27. Hermes was a little lack luster this season. I was expecting more.

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  30. Pleasantly surprised with plenty of elegant feminine wearable pieces...Loved the soft pretty prints and whimsical feel of this collection.