Friday, October 2, 2009

Lula Magazine Issue 9 - At long last!

I subscribed to magazine Lula over 6 months ago (in March), not realizing they only release an issue biannually. I had almost given up on receiving it when lo and behold, I found Issue 9 in my postbox yesterday. I am in love with their romantic and beautiful photographs and detailed interviews...makes for a gorgeous coffee table 'book'. Am seriously wishing I had the previous 9 issues. There are at least two more pages I would like to post, but scanning them didn't quite work, so will try to take pictures for next time...

& Tag

Speaking of beautiful photographs, I recently discovered The Photodiarist's amazing blog via H of PretaporterP , and I absolutely love it! Absolutely stunning photographs that paint more than 1000 words, often followed by a little anecdote with the inspiration behind the picture. The Photodiarist kindly awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award, do check out her blog if you haven't already! Recipients of this award have to disclose seven things about themselves and then pass the award along seven others.

Here goes:
  1. I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles (started when I was 7)

  2. Speaking of bad habits, I also bite my nails (bad!)

  3. I love midcentury Danish furniture (just bought a dark chocolate brown sofa fitting this criteria)

  4. I can be very undecisive, so in order to speed things up I often resort to 'Eeny Meeny Miney Mo' (or sometimes: "Minha mãe mandou eu escolher esse daqui!")

  5. My favourite gelati flavour is pistachio - I use it as my 'benchmark' when rating a gelateria, it must not be 'fake pistachio green', or I will not touch it.

  6. I have never had a facial or massage (received a voucher for my birthday though, so that may change soon).

  7. I am loving the new TV series Glee! 'On my own' was my 'theme song' for so many years!!!

I pass this award/tag to:

  1. Deanne of Dream Sequins

  2. H of PretaPorterP

  3. Hrose of Capture the Castle

  4. Martina at The Little Fashion Treasury

  5. Sofie at Modediktat

  6. Coco's Tea Party

  7. Tanya at Captivate Me

Also, I have been meaning to answer these questions asked by an 'Anonymous' reader (thanks for your questions, sorry I took so long to address them):

What are your 5 all time favourite pairs of shoes?

At the moment:
  1. Dries Van Noten beaded/sequinned sandals

  2. Dries Van Noten black buckle sandals

  3. Christian Louboutin pumps (both the electric blue & the patent baby blue)
    Stella McCartney mesh & lucite heel sandals

  4. Dior Extreme Pythons

What Australian high street shops are your faves?

I must admit I do not shop at Australian high street shops much (especially in the last few years). The main reason being that I find high street pieces overpriced for what they are. Most of my previous high street shop purchases were on sale, and nowadays, I prefer to save my pennies for something else...10 years ago things were definitely different though!

My last high street shop purchases were earlier this year at SABA, for staples (merino wool turtlenecks), but I would not call them my 'favourite' high street shop. I like Veronika Maine's pieces (but have never purchased anything there), sometimes I see nice pieces at Country Road (again, have never purchased clothing from there). For 2-3 years I purchased a few items from Cue, but have not done so in 3 years or so...Occasionally I stroll into Sportsgirl and Witchery, but my last purchases from these stores were 5 and 3 yrs (respectively). So if I were to pick any high street stores, these would be it...


  1. Lula -- I have to subscribe! Thanks for the wonderful comments and compliments B!

  2. awww thanks for the award! it's a fun one. i love the photodiarist! you're right, beautiful pictures with stories behind them.

    i agree about australian high street, in terms of quality the prices are so high. And ultimately when you find something you love and its so expensive it seems odd to spend so much on something from the high street. i love sportsgirl for the trend-driven stuff, cue is GREAT at the moment, they have all these strong shouldered jackets that are perfect knock offs of balmain. i don't have $500 for one yet though ($500!!??!?!). I also love satch, which i suppose is like a slightly more expensive COS. And Trenery i have found is actually quite good for basics, their tee shirts are perfect, and only $50, cheaper than bassike but a similar kind of sheery cotton. And i know trenery is supposed to be for 'mature' customers but i really love it. they're stuff is very french.


  3. Que lindas, que cabelo, que suavidade...genial!

  4. Ooh great roundup. And thanks for the eyecandy! I always tell myself to get around to buying a copy at the mag store ;)

    I think we're long lost sisters-- because most of your disclosure points are ones that I would choose. :) Except for the facial and massage part. Ahhh you're a spa virgin! You're going to enjoy it :)

  5. Oh Brigadeiro ... first of all...
    this is such a lovely surprise... thank you sooooo much, sweetheart ;)

    Soooo.... Lula let you waiting over 6 months.... as all pictures are so beautiful it was worth the waiting...SWOOOOON!!! ... and not what you find in every fashion mag like Vogue,Elle, Harper´s

    Hope you will scan also upcoming issues!

    Have a beautiful weekend filled with lots of happy moments!!!

    Hugs to you!

  6. This post is awesome, darling! Congrats on your award ~ I love your tag answers. Glee is the best! And that chocolate sofa sounds divine! Adore your fave shoes too, especially the Stellas!


  7. Lula is such a beautiful magazine to own!! I always pour over their photos at a bookstore and just get lost in their magic! So great to discover things about you and congratuations for the award!! xxoxoxoxo

  8. Congratulations on the award! You have fabulous taste in shoes- would love to see pics- your garden of handbags post was so adorable. Have a great weekend.


  9. Oops , sorry, didn't realise you have links to pics of the shoes already!


  10. Haha, I am so impatient and can't imagine waiting for a magazine for almost half a year! But looks like it is well worth the wait, the first photo especially looks absolutely gorgeous...I have always had a soft spot for redheads.

    And as for Australian high street...I completely agree! The only thing I've purchased all year is a belt by Portmans, it was on sale and I would not have spent the original amount on a low-quality trendy piece. I feel as though too many shops focus on knockoffs and what is current instead of producing pieces that last, both stylistically and quality-wise. Of course with Saba and maybe even Country Road being the exceptions to the rule.

  11. loved the editorials in lula, i actually chose one for my blog. it does sucks it doesn't get published more often though.

  12. Hands up another Glee addict here

  13. i love lula magazine, too !!!
    their evanescent, romantic photographs are always so beautiful!
    and i love karen elson.

  14. Congratulations on the award sweetie :) I love Lula Magazine, and that photo of Karen Elson is stunning xox

  15. I looove Glee, it's such a heart-warming show.
    And I agree with you, the photos have this very charming and romatnic auroa to it.

  16. Hey you !
    News on :
    - Betty and Alix the two web-figure of Chanel
    - Olivia.A one of two creators of Daily-Women :)

    Come on.
    See ya, xx

  17. omg i LOVE this blog! so glad i clicked over from the photodiarist :)

  18. Lula is amazing, I am not suscribed to it because of what you said.. the waiting is too long! haha

  19. Such beautiful photographs!!! I bought it online a while ago, but haven't yet received, I just can't wait, lula is my fav fashion magazine:)

    Your list of current fav shoes is so chic hehehe

    re:O casaco eh bem aconchegante e quentinho, sim hehe:)

    Beijos e bom fim de semana!

  20. Hola bella,

    Great scans of every single shot! I love ur answers for the contest... I am a horrible nail bitter as well...I break the habit and go back to it after a few days..its so annoying!

    Besos desde NYC.


  21. great collections!

  22. i love your blog :) a very nice blog .
    nice to know you .

  23. great post & love those pics:)

  24. absolutely gorgeous photos. great post! you have a very lovely blog. :)

  25. this lula was by far my favorite

  26. hello,
    please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

  27. Lula is like a dream and they seem as addicted to redheads as I am. :)

  28. yes australian high street shops either really impress me or really unimpress me. i don't have anything from country road either!! but i do like's pretty bad, everytime i go into a sportsgirl shop i always come out with something argh! although admittedly it is overpriced, so most of the stuff i get from there is/was on sale lol. but yea, now that i think about it I often tend to stay away from high street coz it's so overpriced and i try to save for things i really love

    just only discovered your blog btw, it's great!

  29. I just love the quality of the pictures you post on your blog!!

  30. i love lula too. haven't seen this one yet, i'm going to keep a look out now.

  31. thank you so so so much, doll!!! I love your shoe picks...I wouldn't mind struttin' around in any of those :-) can't wait to do the tag!

  32. Yes !! How amazing is Lula!! We posted their "Spell" vid with Topshop here: