Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweets for my feet - Part 1: Pumps

Plate of brigadeiros I made for a family get together:

Sweets for my feet
Sugar for my heart...
What can I eat?
You can eat my shoes.
Is it high in calories?
Only if it's got chocolate.
So I won't eat...
my shoes.

Bahahaha...these are the lyrics my sisters & I (it was probably just me, but I will spread the blame) made up to a silly song that was playing on the radio at the time, 'Sweets for my sweets'...We still laugh about it.

Apologies to all who have said they have missed my outfit posts. I am starting to feel better, and promise I will try to work on some as soon as possible (am hoping this weekend). Some lovely readers requested some shots of my shoes (a long time ago, apologies again for the delay). It is a somewhat daunting task, and so I thought I would start with my 'pumps'. For a few years I had a thing for them, so managed to gather a little multicoloured collection. I have also been enjoying some delicious desserts in the last week or so, thought I'd share some with you...

Ebony & Ivory...side by side on my piano keyboard...
My favourite pumps by Tom Ford for Gucci, love the gold mini studs!


I've got the blues...Christian Louboutin pumps in Electric Blue & Patent Baby Blue, Prada silk floral pumps in the centre (I wear my Louboutin's so much! )

Yum...chocolate fondue (did not actually have this, but it looked so pretty!)

Giuseppe Zanotti pumps & Burberry Prorsum Ashley patent Mary Jane pumps in the centre (birthday present from my gorgeous sisters)

Ricotta canoli...seriously delicious!

From top to bottom: Chanel ballerina pumps (it comes with a metallic lace which I removed as soon as I got them), Marc Jacobs pumps (the gold started unravelling soon after I got them), Patrick Cox peep-toe stiletto's with zip on the back, Stella McCartney Terracotta cork pumps (thank you present from my sister for helping her organize her wedding) and my first Stella McCartney shoes (which started my Stella McCartney shoe love affair), patent pump stiletto's with the finest heel, yet so comfortable, I could not believe it! It must be some feat of engineering, as I do not usually find high heels comfortable.

Chocolate and Frangelico mini-panacotta

In reverse order (above)

Almond, Coconut & Pistachio chocolate truffles...divine!

Not quite sure how I ended up with four pairs of the same Stella McCartney shoe...I remember seriously wanting the first two, but funnily I purchased the back two first, I wear them all so much (except for the fuschia)

Torta di Capri - beautifully light chocolate & roasted hazelnut torte with a rich Frangelico sauce, amazing...

Had to edit my post, because I had forgotten to include my Lanvin bi-color rasberry patent pumps with wicked metal heel!


  1. oh my god... your shoe collection is incredible. i too love stella mccartney shoes, i don't own any, but i love and lust after them from afar. i agree with you, they are just very very comfortable, and i'm not quite sure what it is. i never wanted to take this pair off - they were grey suede pumps, but me and suede don't go well together, i have a history of ruining suede shoes...

    i also love floral pradas... patterned shoes are seriously underrated, i love them! glad you are feeling better, hope to one day see a shot of your closet! haha.. :)


  2. yummy food ! oh and wow for the shoe collection ! i wish i have as many shoes as yours . haha .

  3. OH MY!!! Your shoe collection is as delicious as the sweets you've photographed!. I love them all! But i must agree with Hrose...your prada florals i would definitelly cuddle! he he

    i can't wait for more! we are only in the pumps section?

    love it B



  4. Oh . . . what a fabulous post. I love your shoe collection.

  5. What a great idea for a post!

    I do the same thing, buying multiples of something I love. I'd rather snatch up two right there than having to scower months later for the same item haha.

    Who made the last four pairs of shoes? Those toes are so interesting.

  6. yummy chocolate and yummy shoes :)

  7. I want all those sweets- edible and for my feet!!! Lucky you :)

  8. I'm not fazed by your shoe collection but I wonder why you intersperse yummy food with shoes?

  9. Meu Deus!
    A sua coleção de sapatos é a coisa mais doce desse planeta!
    Quero quero quero! haha

    Amei o post!

  10. I love the pumps and the foodies. I want all.
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  11. shoes and food, wow, cant get any better than that! love your shots, you are so amazing with the camera! do you use one of those manual nikons?

  12. Those deserts- you're making me hungry!

  13. I can't stop thinking how great would it be if I could just reach out and eat all those chocolates!! What a torture! Now I have a serious sugar craving! I love the shoes too! They're so elegant! xoxoxox

  14. Thanks for the 'sweet' comments everyone!

    jack bespoke - Thanks! I use a Nikon D90, usually on Aperture Priority (I like small apertures).

    what was I thinking - Sorry I forgot to say what shoes were in the last pic, they are Stella McCartney pumps, love the toe too, it's what attracted me to them in the first place :) I remember Alexander McQueen did something similar that season, but I loved the SM's more...

    roxanne - haha, I think I have more pumps than any other type of shoe, so the other 'sections' may not be as large. I'm thinking I'll do 'wedges' next?

    jyun - Food & fashion - my two passions (oops, didn't mean that to rhyme), so I thought, why not get a bit of both? Plus, I explained the 'why' sort of in my intro paragraph to this post :)

    hrose - I'm no good with suede either, I think I only have maybe one pair of suede sandals, one bag...but they look good for a few days, and then...not! :( Although Stella McCartney suede pumps would be ok, since they're not real suede...

  15. Yummy brigadeiros!!
    Hello shoe heaven, can I come over to play dress-up;)

  16. That is amazing. I feel so deprived now. haha!

  17. Yay i was the Anon who kept asking on your shoes. How delightful and what a lovely post - shoes and desserts - delicious . Love all the Stellas. Love your interesting posts and great photography and fantastic art direction. Thanks for sharing - it's like looking through a magazine editorial.

  18. Great idea alternating images of yummy food and yummy shoes! My senses are going crazy hahah!

  19. Lovely post- everything looks delicious! Love all the chocolate and frangelico in this post... Those Prada florals are a delight : )


  20. <3 the shoes. i want to be like you when i grow up!

  21. Great mixing, shoes and food.
    Stylish and powerful, we want to have both

  22. The Tom Ford for Gucci shoes are to die for!

  23. What a beautiful collection of pumps !
    I love the Stella fushia ones !

  24. Totally delicious post, darling! Love all those Stellas especially!


  25. those tom ford and stella's are ridiculously amazing xx

  26. your truffles make me dream.
    I'm in love with the prada silk floral ones...

  27. WOoow, Brigadeiro.

    And you always know how to present them in such a stunning way. The photos you´ve taken are simply too gorgeous!!!
    Love also the idea of a yummy food photo followed by a shoe photo etc...

    Happy sweet thursday!

  28. fantastic collection -- love the photograph mixed with dessert

    hope you're having a lovely week,

  29. Lovely, but it begs the question of how you afford all of this!

  30. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    anonymous (above) - well, I did not buy all these shoes all at once, but have been 'collecting' them for quite a few years now, in fact, I have slowed down on the pumps purchase for quite some time (fuschia Stella's were probably my last pumps purchase). I am in my 30's and have been working since my 20's. Also, most of the time I try to buy my shoes on sale/reduced price whenever I can...patience is a virtue when it comes to shopping, haha.

  31. the black and ivory, the black with gold stripes, the hot pink oooo weee!! hot!!

  32. You just can't get enough....amazing collection of shoes! great taste

  33. Looking @ your sea of shoes.....brings a lot of pride and joy, I think it'll bring good memories to carry on with you forever....

  34. Wow even on sale your collection is quite an investment! This post was amazing since it combined 2 of my favourite things: expensive shoes and dessert!

  35. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, i am dying!!!!
    gorgeous shoe collection, beautiful photos and i am craving all this food SOOOOOOOOOOO badly!!
    love this all!!!!

  36. wow!! i dont think ive seen the ivory tf guccis before! hehe i like how you put them on the piano.
    LOL! 4 pairs of the same shoe in different colors. i have that too.

    and the bridadeiros look sooo yummy. i love all the sweets. :)

  37. Yum yum, triple yum! I don't know what looks tastier, those Tom Ford pumps or that gelato. Lovely blog!

  38. oh wow im so jealous of your shoe collection :O they are all so beautiful i bet you have hard decisions in the morning deciding which pair to wear! ♥

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  40. delicioso! gostei das referências. realmente, um bom post!

  41. Wait a second, pumps AND sweets??? I just died.

  42. I'm so in love with your shoe collection! Gorgeous!! x Sushi

  43. Awesome pictures! I love your channel shoes so mad!
    nice blog!

  44. first of all i would like to say that we have the same obsession of buying one thing both in black and white! also in patent!!!!!
    the stella mccartney shoes are amazeballs!!!!!
    check out my blog

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  46. shoe porn <3 <3 <3 those are all sooo gorgeous!

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