Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010: Day 6

One thing's for certain, there was definitely no lack of colour in Paris FW SS'10...colours, bold vibrant & beautiful colours everywhere... These were my favourites for day 6:

all pics from style.com

Stella McCartney

Despite the gorgeous vibrant colours & prints, my favourite pieces were the simpler ones...especially the strapless jumpsuit, and nude dress worn with the shiny blazer...but most of all Stella McCartney never fails in bringing out a shoe (or shoes) each season that has my 'must-have' for the season, and this Spring/Summer collection was no exception: LOVE the simple sandal stiletto with a touch of Birkenstock!!! I am having trouble deciding which version I like best, but the slim straps with the toe ring is winning so far...

Giambattista Valli

Oh, how I love Giambattista Valli! And in this collection in particular, the beautiful orangey red shades and gorgeous textures and detailing/embellishments...STUNNING!

Vanessa Bruno

I have been a Vanessa Bruno fan for as long as I can remember, her pieces are always timeless, simple, feminine, yet strong...I absolutely adored this collection, the neckpieces, beautiful textures & fluidity...

Yves Saint Laurent

And of course, Stefano Pilati...need I say more?


  1. Stella McCartney was drop dead fab as usual.

  2. ive come to notice that stefano's ysl is so dark. a lot of greys and blacks always. of course there are whites and some colors, but mostly when i think ysl i think grey and black. his 1st collection was so colorful and vibrant.

    stella looks so youthful & fun! but i dont think those oversized ruffles will work on many people in real life.

  3. Yet, it's the black and white Giambattista Valli dresses in the second row that move me the most . . . (hmm . . . wonder why?)

    But I can definitely appreciate the colors.

  4. Me quedo con Stefano, es un genio! Aunque Giambattista no se queda atras!

  5. I really loved the SM collection- adore that first look, the jumpsuit!

  6. I was really impressed with Stella! That surprised me, as I don't consider myself a huge huge fan. YSL = love.

  7. that white vest from stefano pilati looks almost as though it were drawn on; and what are those--shorts?
    that's got to be my favorite look of the bunch; very architectural.

  8. Hello Brigadeiro.

    Stella always know how to impress with pieces you can wear everyday although I have to say ...here and there are sometimes too much ruffles for me.
    Giambattista Valli.... I LLOOVE LOOOOVE love these feather embellished dresses! AWESOME!!!

    Lots of hugs to you!

  9. I adored all the collections that you picked, especially Stella! I just watched the video yesterday and I love all the dresses! I adore that red dress and all the exuberant ruffles! xxooxoxxoox

  10. I totally agree with you on Stella ~ that silk jumpsuit was the best piece!
    Fabulous post, darling!


  11. I really loved the optimistic attitude at Stella McCartney. And the YSL collection is beautiful, as always.

  12. Oh my, oh my, I just died. Those ruffles are DIVINE!!!!!!

  13. I like the G. Valli white floral pencil skirt. Some of Vanessa B's tops caught my eye as well- gorgeous! : )

  14. Stella is brilliant. Love the voluminous ruffles, but also the crisp pleats.

  15. stella was absolutely incredible and I love the details at Valli - a great collection of collections! xx brooke

  16. OMG! Those McQueen shoes...I wonder how the heck the models were able to walk. They are pieces of art though! And than the exact opposite with Stella's "birk" style sandles:0
    Love! Love! Vanessa Bruno & YSL's collection.

  17. I love Giambattista Valli, feather and frous-frous dresses !!!