Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010: Day 6

Day 6 of PFW SS'10 was absolutely spectacular! I think it is safe to say that Alexander McQueen stole the show...

Alexander McQueen

Short, reptile-patterned, digitally printed dresses, mind boggling sculptural shoes (an understatement. My favourite pair was worn with the all-gold dress: i.e. the nude/pink with blue crystals - absolutely stunning!).


I must admit I was not a fan of the 'farm' setting, and although there were some pretty pieces, it was not spectacular...


Although this collection was not instantly recognisable as 'Valentino', I could still see his influence in the many many ruffles...romantic soft tones of nude, rose, lavender, gold, and gray that have become the big color story of the season. Swirling organza around the body tied off with a flamboyant bow, embroidered tulle T-shirt dresses in antique laces and geometric metal paillettes, and printed chiffon with black orchids... Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli sure put their own 'stamp' onto this collection (with not a red dress in sight...)


This may be the most 'Chloe' collection I have seen in the last few years, since Phoebe Philo left. I quite liked the fluidity of these pieces.


  1. Hello to youuu.
    I truly wonder if these McQUeen shoes will hit the stores- such an eycatching-de-luxe collection and the question: Can a woman walk in these shoes?;)
    I love especially the white Chloe chiffon pieces!

  2. McQueen had some exquisite pieces but the shoes frightened me. As for Chanel, I thought that the farm setting was hokey and hid the fact that the collection was merely pretty and as you said, not spectacular. Not sure I love the Chloe stuff . . . Valentino was lovely, I thought.

  3. the mcqueen shoes are incredible... i love them:)

  4. I thought Chloe was nice. McQueen's shoes both frighten me and make me obsessed.. well.. let's just say that I'd LOVE to see someone try to clomp around in those hoof platforms. They're

  5. Alexander is a GENIOUS

  6. Gorgeous line from Valentino! I liked Chanel, but thought the whole "show" was a bit much, and not necessary! Those clothes speak for themselves, in my mind. :)

  7. uau!
    Não tinha visto os sapatos do McQueen de perto e são mesmo originais e exóticos!

    Mil beijinhos, amei o post!

  8. alexander mcqueen is the left one on the ninth row!!!

  9. Nice post. Mcqueen, chanel and viktor and rolf were my faves <3

  10. I like the way McQueen always takes you somewhere totally unexpected. Reminds me so much of Dali's paintings (showing in Melbourne at the moment); the same surreal, insane dreamscapes. Thanks for posting these detail shots- they really show the incredible artistry that's in each individual piece.

    Valentino's collection is so lovely and a bit more wearable than McQueen's : )

    Nice post, B. enjoy your day.


  11. Alexander McQueen: No question about it, he SO stole the show, especially with those shoes!! He was my favourite at Paris FW (:
    Chanel: I'll agree with you on the not so spectacular part but it's better than what's been going on in the past collections
    Valentino: I was expecting to see some red dresses, but then again that's more of a Valentino thing. But I do like how his influence came out in the clothes like you said without a single red dress in sight.
    Chloe: I like the chiffon pieces (:

  12. I was not at all a fan of that stupid Chanel collection and Valentino was pretty boring.

    But that Alexander McQueen collection is soooo utterly amazing. He is a genius. I LOVE LOVE that blue v-neck dress with the ruffled skirt.

  13. Hello dearest,
    I hope all is well!
    My apologize for being so (fashionably??) late - not in visiting your blog but commenting to your postings. The past weeks were quite tough due to the cold and much work, I didn't spend much time with blogging :(
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog and thanks as well for forwarding me a blog award. I've mentioned that in my latest posting, sweetheart!

    I guess I was almost the only one who find Burberry Prorsum 2010 was kind of disappointing. Beautiful colors and draperies - but there wasn't anything new or spectacular to me like in all the previous shows + collections.
    That being said (hehe) I had much fun watching the McQueen show. Ok, I want to see the celebrity who is going to wear his flatiron spaceship fetish shoes :-D That's something I'm really curious about!!
    However, I sold some amazing evening gowns from previous collection with those high collars and I'm happy for my customers that he did this exact high collar again in his upcoming collection.
    Valentino did a great show again. I love Valentino Garavani himself, he is brilliant but the change in designing was a smart idea.

    Chloé.... Well.... Here it's the same with me like with Burberry Prorsum.... :-S Maybe even more. The Chloé collection was a NO for me.

    xoxoxo Sofie

  14. PS. Please email me your address! I brought something with me from my last trip. It's just a little something and nothing spectacular. But I had to thought of you and brought it with me :)

  15. ParisFW has already come to an end, see u nex time. lol

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  16. alexander McQueen is amazing. love the futeristic feel!

  17. BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, PROUD, PROUD AND AMAZING ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, THANKS FOR THE POST AND THANKS FOR THE COMMENT, eres un amor, el vestido es una preciosidad, un beso cielo !!!!!!

  18. mcqueen was spectacular. breathtaking. a fashion moment. and i love that, despite all his attempts to try and be techno savvy, it didn't quite work out. the best thing about it is that he tried! and many more will do so after him. love this new age of fashion we're entering into. it's inclusive.


  19. McQueen was like a fashion fantasy, but couldn't take my eyes off the pretty, pretty things at Valentino . . .