Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Pt 5: One Degree of Separation - Stella McCartney, Celine & Chloe

Not too hard to see the connection between the three designers featured here (in chronological order to their connection too):

Stella McCartney

With lemons and grapefruit, Stella McCartney showed a fresh easy breezy collection, which still featured strong tailoring, slightly softened this season in a palette of faded pastels like rose, pistachio, and light blue. I particularly liked the double-breasted backless vests: casual, effortless and elegant all in one:


Phoebe Philo continued her 'sparse' with a sporty casual feel using mostly white, ivory and other pale shades, as well as quilting, raw canvas and denim:


Hannah McGibbon's Chloe girl looked like she was on her way to dance rehearsal with breezy light plissed skirts with a plain bodysuit. This SS'11 collection still had a 'pared down' look, and my favourite pieces were the draped and plissed dresses:


  1. Gorgeous pieces from Chloe!
    Did you buy any t-shirt from (for their 10th birthday)?
    Also what did you think of the Stella McCartney collection for Target part deux?

  2. Hi!

    No! I didn't know about the Chloe 10th bday t-shirt! DOH! And I only found out about Stella's 2nd Target collection today (I must be in serious 'baby' mode - totally out of the loop!). I do like several pieces already, although we shall soon see if it looks as good IRL as it does online...I already have too many items on my 'wishlist'. Also, last time I bought all my pieces full price, only to see them later reduced to ridiculous prices (boo hoo!), so I'm not sure if I should rush in to buy, or to wait and see if they go on sale...Hmmm...


  3. I love Chloé and Stella! So chic xxx

  4. That's my current dilemma also. I don't know about you but I thought Stella pour Target part une was a bit meh. But then again I do like more of structured pieces than floaty pieces. This upcoming collection is right up my alley. I hope they'll use more substantial fabric to match the Country Road like prices...

  5. lusting so many of these pieces!! Obsessing over the blue pieces at Stella McCartney!